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Using bubi bottle to Make an Omelette in a Microwave

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If you are out camping and need to use fire to cook food, you can use bubi bottle as a fire resistant and safe container to make soups and other hot dishes, or to simply boil water.

You can also use it at home for microwave cooking. We decided to test bubi’s cooking skills by making a delicious steak and sweet potato omelette (can be also handy when you are staying at a hotel with minimum convenience and want to warm up some food or boil water for tea or coffee). Please see the video below for the detailed instructions, including safety guidelines, and a demonstration:

The omelette came out pretty yummy, and took only four minutes to cook!

bubi bottle is a very versatile multiuse drinking bottle and liquids / food container. It’s BPA free and microbial free, foldable, scrunchable and reusable water bottle. It’s heat and cold resistant, microwave safe, rolls up compact for gym, camping and traveling.

See more at http://www.bubibottle.com/store/

bubi bottle Helps to Stay Fresh and Healthy While Traveling in Hot Climates

At the beginning of this year of the many happy owners of bubi bottle, Katya Tsvetkova, embarked upon an exciting trip in South East Asia, starting from Thailand. And just as many other savvy travelers would do, she did her homework and read about the importance of carrying fresh water and avoiding public tap water, as [...]

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All Bottled Up - Another Story from a Happy Customer Using babi bubi bottle

We'd like to share another story from one of the many happy owners of bubi bottle - Joanie Cox-Henry from Sun Sentinel magazine tells us how using babi bubi bottle to feed her son made it a hassle free and joyful experience!All Bottled UpI am one of the rare mothers who bottle-fed her child from [...]

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How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest - continued

Continuing on our last blog post “How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest”, and what being the softest means to the environment and local communities. My original need for a scrunchable bottle came at the yoga studio on 63rd and 3rd in Earth Yoga in New York. I lived on 82nd and Lexington, [...]

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How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest

When creating the bubi bottle I was looking for the safest material for a specially designed bottle which scrunches to take less room when stored in a bag. Flexibility was my first thought in choosing this Silicone Material.My first introduction to the market was at the Inventors Corner with the International Houseware Show in Chicago. [...]

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bubi bottle featured on RedbookMag.com in their Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

bubi bottle was featured on RedbookMag.com in their Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide: "Not only are these BPA- and microbial-free, they're also safe to freeze and hold over a fire to boil water or heat up soup." Click here to see the review

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An inspiring customer story: "​bäbi bübi bottles, My Successories"

One of our customers kindly shared their inspiring story about their journey to weight loss and health with the help of bubi bottles.“As someone who spent decades struggling with weight, in 2014 (at 410 pounds), I finally decided to have weight loss surgery. The effect of the surgery is that my stomach was reduced to [...]

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bubi bottle users make suggestions of its unique uses!

The bubi bottle has many features, and one of them is staying comfortable in a cold situation. Recently I went to visit my family in Wisconsin, and I will admit it was warm enough there for them. 25 degrees was the lowest, but having lived in Florida for 2 years now I must say it’s [...]

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bubi bottle featured on the New Day Northwest show - King5 TV

About a month ago we got a phone call from King5 TV station in Seattle, WA, suggesting to review our product, and well our answer was a YES! They loved the product, and offered to present it on “Gotta Have Gifts” show just in time for the great holiday gift giving season. We sent the following [...]

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The Grommet’s New e-Book

The Grommet “Makers Who Made It” was just released last week and you guessed it - there are some very interesting stories on inventors and entrepreneurs. The first one is about Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, the co-founders of The Grommet, started 7 years ago to assist newbies like the bubi bottle. Download this eBook if you are interested in starting a [...]

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