What is BPA and why it is important the bubi is BPA free?

BPA is a chemical used in hard plastics and epoxy resins. BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical, which means that it can mimic or block hormones and disrupt the body's normal functions. Scientists have found that it can alter brain development in babies, even at extremely low levels, causing problems ranging from infertility to heart disease

BPA can be found in baby bottles, toys, canned foods, paper receipts, and other common products.

The Bubi bottle is BPA free and does not contain any harmful chemicals that may be found in other water bottles

How do I clean my Bubi?

The Bubi bottle is dishwasher safe; the bottle is totally spherical and can be cleaned easily with a brush as well.

What is the Bubi made of?

The bubi is made from Eco-friendly high grade silicone, BPA free, RoHS & FDA approved for food contact

Where can I buy a bubi bottle?

Currently the bubi bottle is only available online at www.bubibottle.com; look for it in specialty retail stores in the coming months


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