The Story

meet the inventor of bubi

Athlete, entrepreneur and principal of Ocean Sailing Consulting LLC, Craig Madaus has traveled the world in search of new trails to run and adventures. The single most frustrating challenge he’s found has been hydration.

Store-bought bottles were environmentally inexcusable. Conventional, refillable bottles took up as much space empty as they did full.

On January 4, 2011, Craig had his “Eureka” moment. He envisioned a refillable water bottle that would scrunch up flat or coil up to fit easily in the small spaces of pocket, pack, briefcase or gym bag.

He began working with a designer and a manufacturing facility to produce a collapsible, refillable water bottle made from BPA-free materials that would be anti-microbial and resistant to both heat and cold. He got what he was looking for … and more.

Bubi Bottle Inventor Craig A. Madaus demonstrates his creation.