This Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle is BPA-free and collapses to almost pocket-size when you’re done. Bubi Bottle is a multi-use water bottle that makes on-the-go hydration easy and especially convenient.

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Bübi Bottle Features

water bottle safe for children

Safe For Children

Silicone is the safest material for your children, Will not break, BPA Free Pthalate free and cleaning is thorough, turn it inside out.

freezer safe water bottle

Freezer Safe

This bottle can go into the freezer full and will just expand, no cracking blistering or blowout bottom. The bubi loves the Extremes

shatter proof water bottle

Shater Proof

Plastic and glass will shatter and metal will dent, This silicone water bottle is flexible and will bounce. It will almost bounce back into your hands, We even fed it to an Gator who could not shatter the bottle

dishwasher safe water bottles

Dishwasher Safe

We are always interested in convenience, even though the bottle can simply use hot soap and water, or turn it inside out to scrub the inside from the outside. This bottle can take the heat From the bottom rack of the dishwater.

fda standart water bottle

FDA Standart

Testing is important, and we have tested it to the FDA, RHol and Asian standards, but we have a long list of not detected for any of the bad chemicals in steel, or plastic.

heat resistant water bottle

Heat Resistant

How hot is hot, We are capable of handling temps up to 500 degrees, meaning you can place it over a fire and it will boil water in 12 minutes.

microwave safe water bottle

Microwave Safe

Why not place your bottle in the microwave, (minus the carabiner) and heat up your water, coffee or tea.

bpa free water bottle

BPA Free

Covered under safe for children and FDA, BPA is the most dangerous heavy metal, We have tested all colors and the test comes back with non detected.