This Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle is BPA-free and collapses to almost pocket-size when you’re done. Bubi Bottle is a multi-use water bottle that makes on-the-go hydration easy and especially convenient.

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Bubi/QVC experience

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Bubi/QVC experience

QVC water bottle: Bubi Bottle gets featured on Bubi Bottle. Last month we had the awesome experience of being on QVC.  However, we had a tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany from the March 4 to the 7th, and one week before leaving for Germany,  they assigned the date of March 8th at 8 AM.  Decisions. Decisions.  Well, Susan Butterworth, a regular on the show and the host, would have to handle the 7 minute presentation.
The long story is we have tried for 3 years to get selected. The bübi bottle is a perfect item as a QVC water bottle because of all its uses, but we could not convince the QVC merchants. Even though we have such a timeslot filler of action and uses like:  BPA free; microwavable; dishwasher and microwave safe;  can be used as a hot or cold compress; reverses for thorough cleaning; rolls up to make room in your purse or backpack; and as dry storage for your IPhoneSE, keys, ID and dry goods, like cereal, flour and coffee.  Great for hiking, biking, boating, travel, survivalists and children going to school.  The demographics are from newborn to 80, although we know some people 100 years old using the bottle!  We also won as the best waterbottle for the gym.
For the airing,  we prepared this video (click here), that shows many of the uses.  I did not know how they would use it, but it ran several times throughout the show.  They also used it on their website to demonstrate the bottles.  QVC offered the Grape, Blue and Smoke bubi bottles, with sports caps.  It is a great value, as they like to offer their audience.
Both Susan Butterworth and the host did an awesome job, however, the time changed from 8 am to 7:15 am EST!  While I was sitting in my hotel room in Germany, I was coaching them like an armchair quarterback watching his favorite team at the goal line!  As they were counting off….. 100 sold – 400 sold – 600 sold and way beyond, it got even more exciting.
If you ever get an opportunity to be on QVC, I totally recommend doing it. You will have so much fun with friends, social media and just telling everyone you were on the air.  The next time we are on, I would like to attend the airing, and possibly be on the air.  You can order on- line at QVC.com  click here
If you have any questions or we failed to mentioned anything email me at info@bububottle.com

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