This Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle is BPA-free and collapses to almost pocket-size when you’re done. Bubi Bottle is a multi-use water bottle that makes on-the-go hydration easy and especially convenient.

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Jason Madaus' Bubi Bottle Use and Incorporation into Life Coaching

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Jason Madaus' Bubi Bottle Use and Incorporation into Life Coaching

Jason and bubi bottle treadmill runningSports Water Bottle like no other: Bubi Bottle. To keep your mind sharp and your body functioning correctly, what is it that is needed on top of everything else?  No, not exercise, not nutrition (although they are both vital too) but water, hydration.  That is right, because the human adult body is made up of often up to 60% water.  When you do not have enough water causing you to start getting even a little dehydrated, you will notice an increased thirst, dry mouth, get more tired or sleepy, headache, dizziness, and that is just some of the symptoms.
My name is Jason, CEO of Jason Madaus LLC, Life Coaching and Living a Positive Life Style to Inspire Your Authentic Self (jasonmadaus.com and Facebook page Jason Madaus), and a winner of the 2016 Cleo Guy Stuff Awards in Singapore.  Seeing that I train hard so that I can race hard, water is a huge part of my life to keep hydrated.  I have always gone through so many water bottles looking for the one that works for me, the one that is durable, the one that I can take anywhere and everywhere.
Finally, when the Bubi Bottle came along, I had found that 1 go to sports water bottle that did it all for what I needed.  This sports water bottle is perfect for my active lifestyle that never slows down.  I can take it anywhere and everywhere.  I can hook it on things, roll it up into my gym back or coat pocket when it is empty (although usually as soon as I finish it, I fill it right back up).
It does not matter what I am doing, I can take it and not worry about it breaking like so many of the other ones before had.  It is BPA free so I can keep my health going in the right direction and my mind is going to stay sharp as I hydrate properly.  If I have had a tough training session, I can use it as an ice pack or hot pack; I have even been able to keep my F2C protein powder dry while going to a race to represent Team Big Sexy Racing, or electronics.
On my journey of using these, my uses have only continued to grow larger and it is by far a must have daily product for me.  I will carry two of them even, one for water, and yes, one for coffee.

Mental Health

This not only helps with my training lifestyle, but it helps me stay hydrated keeping my mind sharp.  By keeping my mind sharp I am able to work with people doing Life Coaching at Jason Madaus LLC, helping them with their daily lifestyles.  It is my passion in life to be able to help people take a look at different areas of their lives to keep them moving forward in a positive manner.  I assist them in seeing that they do not need to be different, but just to be their authentic self.
By working with them they set personal and/or professional goals that will get them to the point in the life that they want to be, really that next point, in the upward trajectory in life to keep progressing themselves to achieve anything and everything they ever set their minds to.  Of course, part of what they also need in this process, not just I, is to remember that hydration.
It has been with the help of the Bubi Bottle that I have been able to be equipped to continue my journey in life, pushing my limits and the limits of my clients by keeping us hydrated.
Enjoy the website and the Facebook page, and it would be amazing to hear from you.  Have an amazing rest of your day being your authentic self and keeping hydrated with this sports water bottle to keep your mind (and body) as strong as can be so you can think clearly and fulfill all your dreams and live a positive lifestyle.

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