This Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle is BPA-free and collapses to almost pocket-size when you’re done. Bubi Bottle is a multi-use water bottle that makes on-the-go hydration easy and especially convenient.

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A convenient bottle for outdoor activities

Bubibottle / A convenient bottle for outdoor activities

A convenient bottle for outdoor activities

Are you a hiker, backpacker, camper, prepper or in the service. We have the bottles for you. Choose the size from our 14, 22 or 35 oz to fit your needs. The colors are made to be bold or muted to fit your activities.

The bubi bottles can be frozen to take on our hike will melt to provide you a cool beverage during the day. It has also been used as an icepack when taking food on your trek. Saves carrying that silly icepack which you have to lug back home, The bubi bottle can be drank after it is used.

Now to be amazed, the bubi bottle can be placed over a fire to heat the water or soup. Imagine you dont need another container to heat up your food. Now with the hot water produced from the fire, you can place the bottle in your sleeping bag to stay warm at night or used as a pillow.

Imagine how great this will be to your back pack or bug out bag.

Puncture resistant,
Rolls up to stow
Heat it with your camp fire


May 13, 2016