This Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle is BPA-free and collapses to almost pocket-size when you’re done. Bubi Bottle is a multi-use water bottle that makes on-the-go hydration easy and especially convenient.

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Traveling Lighter and Further with Bubi

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Traveling Lighter and Further with Bubi


After enjoying the beautiful city of San Francisco for a year and half, I decided to continue exploring. I planned a two week trip to Medellín, Colombia. After that I would fly straight to my new home, Miami. I knew for this trip that I just wanted to bring a backpack and a carry-on. When deciding on what to leave behind, some large items were a no-brainer such as my large boxing gloves and musical equipment. Interestingly, deciding to bring my reusable bottle took some consideration.
After some thought I decided that carrying a bulky and rigid 28 oz container wouldn’t be worth the space. I figured I would just use disposable bottles for the couple weeks in Medellín, then buy a new reusable bottle when I settled in Miami after.
When I arrived to Medellín I was thirsty and I knew I would be walking a lot. I went to a nearby drugstore and bought the largest individual sized water for a couple dollars USD. Being on budget, I realized I didn’t want to buy a new bottle everyday. I knew reusing disposable bottles is not good for your health, but I ended up using that same bottle for two weeks. Within a day it was aesthetically a crumpled eyesore. Also, with it being exposed to the sun throughout the day, it must have leached plastic in my water.
Once in Miami I was ready to ditch using a crumpled up disposable bottle. Coincidentally, I met the founder of Bubi Bottle. I had never seen a light, flexible design like this before. Usually I run into bottles with unnecessary bells and whistles that just ad bulk to the bottle. However, I found Bubi had all the benefits without any wasted space.

Why Bubi Bottle?

It’s flexible like a disposable bottle, but it’ll never lose it’s shape. No more crumbled bottles hanging on my backpack. Instead I have a sleek, lightweight solution. Also, the travel bottle is BPA free and doesn’t leach chemicals. Now I can use the same bottle for years without worrying about plastic in my water. The Bubi Bottle was just what I needed, and it even got me thinking how it could get me further than my previous rigid bottle I left behind in San Francisco. I found that my Bubi allowed me two more powerful ways to make my life easier.
I could use my new travel bottle for all temperatures from ice cold drinks to piping hot coffee. Right away I started using it for coffee in the morning then filled it up with my cold drinks throughout the day. I could even toss it in the freezer at night and have ice cold water the next day without worrying about the bottle cracking. It was great the my new Bubi Bottle was simplifying my life by being an all temperature solution. However, the coolest feature is that it’s a scrunchable bottle.
If I had a Bubi instead of my bulky, rigid bottle when I was packing, I could have saved myself weeks of drinking leached chemicals and carrying around a crumpled piece of plastic. Now when traveling as light as possible, I can literally roll up the Bubi to have a compact item that adds almost nothing to my load. I know I’ll be traveling more in the future, and I’ll never again have to leave my water bottle behind.
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