Why Bubi bottle and Its authentic attributes?

Authentic Bubi water bottles (the original “multi-use bottle”); there are no substitutes. Thus, a genuine Bübi product offers excellent performance by keeping drinks cold for up to 6 hours and hot for up to 2 hours. Today Bubi water bottle products are sold in over 25 countries, both online and at high-end retailers. Bubi is the only bottle that looks great and does good. Silicone water bottles are also a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations and determined to make Bubi bottle the replacement for plastic bottles and provide access to all. We introduce new colors and products each year. We ensure that Bübi customers and their families are always sure to find the size, pattern, and color that fits seamlessly into their daily lives.

Silicones, Premium Performance.

Creating a high-performance silicone water bottle involves a complicated manufacturing process that involves 37 steps. Therefore, there are no shortcuts in producing an authentic Bubi bottle, which means it is easy for imitators to get it wrong. Bubi, BPA-free water bottle works closely with our factories to make sure every bottle meets strict manufacturing and safety standards, also, meeting high expectations of our customers. Other containers may make the same claim, but when buying an authentic Bübi water bottle, you know our patented and trademarked silicone water bottle keeps drinks cold and hot for daily activity. Is tested to surpass the testing standards of the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Safe Hydration

Choosing the authentic Bübi water bottle product is a choice for health. Because Bübi produces our products from a specially formulated medical grade silicone. Therefore providing you a Bubi product, the BPA-free, microbial free, and flexibility needed for superiority in the market. Thus, when you drink from our authentic reusable water bottle, you can be confident in your decision to stay healthy through hydration.

Legal Protection of authenticity

We are tirelessly implementing our intellectual property rights for our products. Including, but not limited to, our ownership of the distinctive Bübi water Bottle Design. As well as our other trademarks, copyrights, and patents worldwide. We also take steps to protect our brand and intellectual property rights vigorously. As a result, the Bübi products you purchase and use are authentic. Therefore, our brand protection enforcement efforts take many forms. Hence, there are many features that customers can identify to authenticate a Bübi product. Including but not limited to: our Bübi trademarks, reputable and authorized retailers, and unique packaging. You can also access our public-facing registered and pending patent information by emailing us at


Bubi prohibits its authorized retailers, resellers, international distributors, and other partners from selling on online marketplaces. These include,,, without express permission. Besides, this also provides brick-and-mortar discount retailers such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and the like. Bubi expressly disclaims any warranty or fitness of merchantability claim to consumers who purchase allegedly-authentic Bübi silicone water bottles from an unauthorized retailer or store.

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If you find an imitation or question the authenticity of a Bübi product, please email us at  Include a description of the issue and any other information to help decide, including photographs.


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