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Craig Madaus, Bubi Bottle owner, silicone water bottle

Craig Madaus, Bubi Bottle inventor,

As a result, becoming a wholesale or distributor is made simple and beneficial for you, your customers, and the environment. Therefore, you see, consumers are frequently moving towards a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle. They’re making choices that promote wellness and are friendly towards the environment. Hence, as a wholesale/distributor, you see an alarming rise in plastic waste, (bottles, straws, and bags).  Therefore, as a wholesaler,  this is driving the move consumers away from single-use water bottles towards reusable water bottles.

That said, the market needs to react; at an amplified rate, consumers are acting on these sentiments. As a consequence, estimates that the reusable water bottle market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 4.2% annually over the next five years, as a result, by 2024 the market will be worth $10.19 billion. – PR Newswire

Why disposable bottles and why Bubi is the answer

Disposable water bottles are bulky and maintain their shape empty or full.  On the other hand, disposable bottles disposed when empty.  Enter the Bubi bottle; we virtually reduce to 1/4 the size and take up little room in your bag. Besides, it has more safety test and will provide years of clean, sustainable drinking, during any pursuit.

Bubi Bottles are the Ultimate Solution

There are lots of reusable water bottles on the market; however, Bubi Bottles uniqueness and colors sell because they’re:

  • Made from BPA-free silicone rather than plastic or coated stainless
  • Reusable instead of single-use
  • Convenient because they’re foldable, reducing space in your bag
  • Designed for fun, your friends will want one.

Why You Need Bubi Bottles in Your Store

Besides, being different in color, shape size, feel, and functionality, they also include these benefits for the wholesale market:

  • Packaging designed for shelves and hanging
  • Store displays designed for counter and floor stand
  • Comes rolled up and ready to display
  • Great shelf presence
  • Keystone plus pricing
  • We offer display videos
  • Colorful and interactive displays

Also,  our team will work with you to fit the best, colors, and sizes for your store. Therefore, providing you the fastest turnaround of inventory, allowing you, the Wholesalers quick results at your stores.

Need More Convincing?

As a media darling, featured, in many tv shows, magazines, and online reviews. An example, on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, QVC as well as many magazines (including Health, Oxygen, Martha StewartLiving, In-Style and many more) and many blogs. For more information on wholesale pricing and begin placing them in your store. Hence, check out the  Bubi Bottle in our Press Page.

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