ECO-Friendly Products 2020. Marketing Strategy or Environmental Necessary?

We all know that the environmental situation in the world is getting worse and worse. Sometimes, behind beautiful campaigns in green colors and loud statements about Eco-actions and Eco-friendly products are rarely few real actions and certified Eco-friendly products. The globalized system of production and sales causes irreparable damage to nature around the world. Despite assurances of brands that they are Eco-friendly company, some of them continue polluting the soil and rivers with harmful chemicals. Also, some of them are using dubious production sites that don’t meet quality standards and don’t have an FDA approval certificate. Eco-friendly is more than just words, and sustainability isn’t a symbol. For Bubi Brands, manufacturing certified products are not only concerned about our customers but also about an environment.

It’s is our responsibility and obligation to you and the environment. We’re investing time, money, and giving recognition to those who care about their future today.


For Bubi BRANDS, quality is not just a big word; it is the primary goal. It is important to realize that all stages of production are under strict control. We pay particular attention to the quality of the raw materials, making eco-friendly products, which ensures the high demands for our customers.

Over the years, our manufacturing has undergone rigorous testing for FDA, LFGB, and Asian Standards for food contact. We test each aspect of the bottle’s raw materials, precertified by production. Standards compliance guarantees the release of effective and safe products in the highest quality. FDA and LFGB rules provide for a particularly careful approach to the creation of products to avoid any errors and violations. It protects consumers from the acquisition of ineffective and even dangerous products.

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Scientists have long been talking about the adverse effects of chemicals in plastics on human health. For example, Bisphenol A or BPA is perhaps the most notorious plastic chemical. It is present in hard polycarbonate plastic water bottles. Bisphenol is associated with many health problems. Such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, liver disease, ADHD.

In addition to the bottle being Eco-friendly, sustainable, and holistically healthy, we decided to include the packaging. For this reason, Bubi brands stopped using plastic blister packs in our packaging. Beginning in 2016, our clients required their packaging in blister packs. Fast forward, we eliminated the blister packs and now package using recycled board printed with soy ink. We decided to make those changes because we clearly understand the environmental world situation. Just look at all the states and countries banning the use of plastic in the packaging, grocery bags, and bottled water.


Bubi Brands team has made all possible efforts to find a substrate that was eco-friendly products, sustainable, and holistically healthy. Going through research and analysis, we found out that silicone is flexible and great for the environment. BPA free, microbial free, easy to use, and to clean. Also, with ECO-friendly bottles, we save three bottles of water per bottle in addition to creating less CO2.

Experience the advantages of our silicone water bottle. 

The patented cap assembly provides three benefits. The entire cap assembly stretches off, allowing benefits not found in any other eco-friendly products.

  • At first, turn the bottle inside out to wash the inside from the outside.  
  • Place over a fire to cook or make potable water when camping or in an emergency. 
  • Also, use as a dry storage bag can even hold a cell phone. Four use in the microwave or add to the dishwasher. 

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