How to Make Long Flight Comfortable? What do I Need for Long Flight?

It’s virtually impossible to make a long flight comfortable, if you’re not on a private Jet. Long international flights can impede a vacation or business trip with a lack of sleep, bad back, or catching a bug. To make your flight comfortable, we suggest booking a good seat. Seats near the emergency exits have more legroom, so you can straighten your legs and feel more comfortable during long flight. If you want to lean against the wall and sleep, you better sit near the window. There will also be more legroom in front of partitions between salons and curtains. As a rule, there are no other seats. Try to avoid seats near the restroom. Other passengers will regularly be standing in the aisle waiting in line, and it’s not what you need for a long flight in a closed space.

As an aside, if you want to sit in the exit row, you must be capable and willing to help evacuate the plane in the event of an emergency. The airlines will not allow you to sit in the exit row. Besides, if you have a child, you will not be allowed to sit in that row either.  Some airlines will allow you to reserve a special, more convenient seat for an additional fee in economy class. These tickets are often referred to as Superior Economy.

Choose the right clothes. Light and cozy clothes will make your long flight comfortable.

Also, easy to take off shoes and slippers will make you feel home, but please wear socks for the other passenger’s etiquette. In addition, carry-on an additional piece of cloths to fit over your clothes to stay warm. For example, sweater, hoody, or pullover. A warm blanket will also be helpful. Many airlines provide a blanket, slippers, and night eye mask, which will be on your seat. Again this is only for international flights. Long domestic flight little convenience is provided.

Pack personal hygiene products in a bag. 

Fold a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, cream, and other things. Wet wipes for the face will also help you feel clean and fresh. And hand sanitizer will protect from bacteria. This’s what you need for a long flight. Before bringing liquid, such as gel or perfume in your carry-on bag, remember 3,4 oz (100 ml) is the max volume. As a rule, you are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of different liquids. You can also bring soft bottle pre-empting before customs. 

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What water bottle do travel agents and airlines recommend? Soft Bottle. 

They have tested and feel the most comfortable in packing, going through security, and traveling after the trip. You cannot take water bottle through security, and water must be tossed out. Therefore you need to purchase water after security for $5.00 or use the water fountain to refill your reusable silicone bottle. Please do not reuse the store-bought bottled water; it causes chemicals like BPA and bacteria to grow, which could ruin your trip. Water on board is necessary because it is dry on the airplane, with the humidity generally below 20%, and your body needs water to stay hydrated. 

Another thought, have you ever gotten cold during a flight, it seems they are keeping us chill, but there are no blankets available? Filling a Silicone bottle – Bubi bottle with hot water, either from the flight attendant or before boarding the plane. This soft bottle with hot water can be neck pillow, to fall asleep, hot compress for your back, or hug it to stay warm. One of the best travel accessories that you will ever need for a long flight. 

These silicone bottles come in 9 colors and three sizes. We generally take a 14 oz Bubi bottle for coffee, a 22 oz for drinking water, and the 35 oz with hot water. These soft bottles are great  for a pillow or warmth. 

The trick to make long flight comfortable and shorter.

The trick to a shorter flight is, do not watch the clock, it won’t move any faster, and nothing can be done, so fool your body and don’t look at the clock. Please keep yourself busy, watch the in-flight entertainment like a movie or the series you’ve missed. This may allow you to get bored enough to fall asleep, which will make the trip faster as well. If you get tired of the entertainment, you might bring a paper or an electronic book. You can also play games, cards or listen to music. We recommended bringing your charging cords and an external battery charger in the event the charging unit on your seat does not work.

Take snacks.

Some airlines do not offer enough food during a long flight, and not only that, but also meals can be harmful, tasteless, or expensive. If you’ve checked food options in advance and don’t like them, bring your own food. For example, a couple of granola bars or fruits. 

It is convenient to take protein bars with you, especially if you have a long flight. Typically, the food on-board is high in carbohydrates and low in proteins. Before the trip, check out travel sites (such as TripAdvisor or Triptipedia) to see if you should take food with you.

No doubt, spending more than half a day in an airplane seat is not as convenient or fun as it seems. Confined space is an additional factor that affects the well-being of the body. Get up periodically and stretch approximately every 2 hours, but don’t watch the clock, but get up often. Your body will like it.  

We hope our recommendations help as much as possible to make a long flight comfortable.

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