Fun Ideas to Celebrate Easter at Home. 2020

Is it fun to celebrate Easter at home? This year’s Easter celebration is a little different than in previous years and we’re going to celebrate Easter at home. Even with this social distancing, we, however, can make it fun, enjoyable, and yes, memorable. Just because we can’t gather with all extended family and friends now, make a delicious Easter dinner and share your meal with others using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp. Remember, we are responsible for our Easter mood. Here are some ideas to celebrate Easter at home during social distancing more fun.

Think Creatively Online

This Easter, instead of the ordinary egg hunts, kids and parents will have virtual online Easter parties. Some of them might be with story-time, costumed Easter bunnies, and others with indoor egg hunts. We also recommend virtual egg paint parties and cookie decorating classes. Together with parents or with an online group, your kids will have fun designing their cookies and eggs. 

Online Egg Hunt

Have a parent from each family place a series of eggs around the house or yard and take a picture of it. (You don’t need to leave the egg there, it’s just a brief photo opp.) The egg should be visible in the image but hidden in plain sight. It could be in a flower bed, taped to the house, or affixed to a pole. Collect all the photos and design a gallery or collage in the photo app of your choice. The kids can spread to zoom in or drag to pan out for viewing options of the hidden egg. Once they find all the eggs, they get a prize! It is excellent for little ones, as everyone wins.

Easter Baskets

Hello, Easter baskets are all the rage. You can fill baskets for friends with generous gifts. But you might not be able to deliver to them yet, because of the quarantine. So it might be a great idea to fill the basket with non-perishables and fun things your friends will appreciate once you can finally see them in person. One of these fun things is Bubi bottles. These water bottles are fun, colorful, collapsible, and made of high-grade medical silicone. Bubi bottles are available in 3 sizes will fit all your lifestyle needs.

14 oz water bottle is great for walking or running. Take it with coffee or tea, to the office in the morning, and add water later to take on a noon or evening run.

22 oz water bottle is great for hiking, exercising, or at the office. Freeze it, and you will have cold freshwater for most of your day. Bubi, made from 100% medical grade silicone, BPA free, when your workout is complete. The bonus is you can roll it up and stuff it in your bag.

35 oz water bottle is great for detox drinks and smoothies. Enthusiasts like this bottle, holds half a days required intake of water. Add some Ener-c to the bottle during the longer workouts. You can toss it around the gym, and it will not make any noise.

Easter Tree

Create a lovely Easter tree covered with plastic eggs. Each one may include a little surprise inside. It might be a symbol along with the Easter story or any other little toy. Each day, kids can find the egg for that day, open it and learn more about the beautiful story that makes Easter so unique.


The real story of Easter

If Easter has religious significance for you, you may like to share the story of Easter with the kids. You could curl up on the couch as a family and watch biblical movies, or check whether your local church has special Easter services or displays. You can join them online and celebrate Easter at home. Many churches have their services available online, whether that’s through a live stream or a recorded video. If you don’t have a regular place of worship or yours doesn’t have streaming available, you can always “visit” another church online.

Easter Bingo

Get the whole family involved with this Easter bingo game. All you need is some Easter candy (think jelly beans, mini eggs, etc.) and a bingo templates. You can even play via video chat!

Make a Difference

Remember, you cannot visit or be visited, and so many other people are in the same situation. Reach out to a friend, neighbor, co-worker, somebody whom you have not spoken to in years. Now is the time; if you don’t have their number use social media to reach them. They will be surprised and pleasantly distracted from being for Easter at home all day. 

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