Become a Popular Blogger – Top Tips and TRUE STORY from a GIRL In GEORGIA

How do you become a popular blogger? You must first become a blogger; popularity will follow. Another way is to become famous and then become a blogger. The second method is preferred but more complicated. It is nearly impossible to become famous on the Internet – become famous elsewhere then start your blog.

Chelsea Thompson a Girl from Georgia share her Top Tips

Become a popular blogger

Chelsea started blogging in 2011 after being encouraged to do so from a co-worker. Her first media event she attended was Spa Week and she instantly fell in love with the community she found online. When Chelsea first started writing she was newly married and has now been happily married for over 8 years and has two kids and with life changes her brand changed from “Married Filing Jointly” to “Raising Our Wild Things.” Being open and honest with her audience and sharing her life experiences, made her  become a popular blogger, who’s Top Tips we want to share. Read more about Chelsea

Always keep in touch.

Followers appreciate those bloggers who regularly respond to comments and support the conversation in direct messages, so time spent responding to messages and and finding ways to connect with your audience is time well spent. Consistent contact with followers will help you increase your audience.

Quality content

Quality content is the most important but challenging way. Work, work, and work again. Interesting, unique content always rewards. No matter what you write about the important thing is that you do it well and regularly. People will begin to reach out to you, and in a few years, you will build an audience.

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Choose the current topics, which are TRENDING

This stage is the most important since it directly determines whether you can interest the audience or not. To have a high response, you need to find content to induce an audience reaction. Moreover, this reaction is not always positive. The main thing is to get them interested. New media world shows that even a nine-year-old kid, can make content and get a million views.

Don’t think that it is impossible to find something new in already popular topics. It’s easy enough to quickly look at the problem from a different angle and share your opinion with followers.

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Promotion giveaways.

If you do not want to wait a few years, use promotions or a giveaway. If you are a relatively new blogger, you may not know anything about hosting a giveaway. 

Giveaways are small contests, which bloggers can organize. They aim at increasing awareness and publicity of their blog. To win an item, you can ask people to like your page, post comments, interact, etc. You can also give your opinions about the product you are giving away and ask people to check it out too. After people have entered your giveaway and left comments, you can randomly pick a winner and send them their prize, like new water bottle.

Having a promotional giveaway is excellent for your advertisers as well; it essentially helps them promote their business and helps you to become famous. It’s a fact that when an individual receives a free product or service, and they love the product, they are more likely to buy it the next time around, promote it, and become a loyal fan and follower of your blog.

Try different things.

Some beginners don’t know how to start a blog or what topic to choose. To make your blog unique, you have to try a lot of different things and then, decide  makes it attractive for followers and yourself and will it help you to become famous. A common misconception is when people think that it is necessary to be a journalist, have a higher education, or be a creative person in order to write a blog. Far from it. Anyone can write interesting articles if you are open to being transparent and authentic and become a popular blogger. One example is a “day in the life post” . Share what a day in the life looks like for you along with some products that you use when we are out and about.

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The best topic for a blog is to write about what surrounds you, about your friends, and observations. Fun comments from your side to different news events will attract more subscribers than big and boring monologues.

Carefully study your audience.

It’s crucial to understand your audience; otherwise, in the future, it will be rather challenging to select unique and exciting materials and be a popular blogger. Analyze your audience on an ongoing basis for a better understanding of what you should concentrate your attention.

Begin to determine not only the average age of your audience but also the location as well as hobbies. So, it will be easier for you to create content based on statistical data.  Analytics will help considerably, not only to prepare the content accurately but also keep your current followers interested enough to share, grow your community and become famous.

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