Thanksgiving’s celebrated in both the United States and Canada, both at different times. It is also called “Turkey Day” because the traditional Thanksgiving menu features turkey as the highlight. Thanksgiving is a significant holiday in both countries. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday in October, and in the USA on the 4th Thursday in November. Initially, the American version of Thanksgiving expressed gratitude and appreciation to God and family for prosperity and healthy relations. The religious meaning “Giving Thanks” is to acknowledging benefits or favors from God. Some will argue, but many people look at the day as a large meal coinciding with football games. No matter your thoughts on the holiday, there are traditions; some adjust the holiday to their taste.

In this article, you will discover new ways to celebrate Thanksgiving without deviating from the holiday’s central idea: to give thanks for all the good things in your life.


Thanksgiving Traditions consist of how Thanksgiving is celebrated from household to household. Thus, Thanksgiving traditions are rituals, routines, and holiday rhythms complete with family and friends on or around Thanksgiving.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a chance for families to gather and spend time together. Some family members may be distant, and the 4 day holiday allows them to travel. Also, you may include close friends who do not have close family to celebrate the holiday. The more people allow all to reflect on the love that people have for each other and an opportunity to express gratitude to their loved ones.

Alternatively, we live in a massive world; sometimes, the close family nucleus, separated by great distances, cannot gather yearly. Conversely, as a divided family, one with a civility or would prefer to be alone. In this case, you would invite other friends who do not have a family, and you still have the same holiday, but with people you choose.

Special note, however you celebrate Thanksgiving, please look for people who will be spending the holiday alone. It is amazing how their eyes light up to having someone to celebrate and gather together. 


The Traditional table is bursting with various dishes: side dishes of mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato, and many more family traditions. Then comes desserts, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, etc. The drinks vary, can include wine, beer, and various apple cider drinks. Everyone tries to contribute to this traditional Thanksgiving table, but the hosts always cooks centerpiece of the table!

The untraditional table can be completely different. The turkey may be absent because not everyone loves turkey. Other dinners can use lamb, ham, chicken, duck sushi, or goose as the main course. Side dishes can also include  fries, carrots in a blanket, cranberry-brie pie. Everyone eats what they want, but the atmosphere of the holiday does not weaken at all!



The most classic Thanksgiving tradition is cooking a turkey dinner with all the fixings to share with family, friends, and neighbors. Turkey is the main dish of the festive table, which languishes in the oven almost all day with juicy meat and dark brown skin. Adding stuffing, cranberries, potatoes, and countless other side dishes act as extras to this show’s star. Traditional Poultry recipes have changed over time. Thus, each region has its own “special” recipe. These include grilling, deep-frying, and many variations to the traditional recipes.


There are many ways to cook a turkey; some take hours and hours, and another method takes 45 minutes with several in-between.

Placing the bird in an oven is the traditional method, and recipes vary greatly, each designed to make it the juiciest with crisp skin. Others include the grilling methods, which allow more people to see the progress as it rotates on the grill. Another approach is to deep fry the birds. This method takes 45 minutes to cook a 12-pound bird, and what doesn’t taste good fried.

It is only a simple reminder that most fires in the United States typically occur between 10 am and 4 pm on Thanksgiving. But juicy meat and toasted crust are worth the risk, aren’t they?

If you need to surprise your guests, cook a Frankenstein special bird called turducken ( turkey + duck + chicken), invented in Louisiana. This dish is an abundance of homemade chicken fillets and placed in a duck stuffed inside a turkey.

Vegetarian? No problem! There is a dish consisting entirely of potatoes, lingonberry sauce, and green beans. Add tofu or any other meat substitute to the plate to keep it lean. Don’t forget to throw in the spices and seasonings for a classic Thanksgiving flavor!


To express thanks in all available ways, everyone chooses a convenient option for themselves. For example, religious people go to church, someone just makes a handwritten thank-you list. Many people make posts or videos on social media.

Thanksgiving is a day that takes part in charity events to help those in need. Free kitchens and food outlets are opening up across the country for homeless and low-income citizens. Even celebrities, such as actors, musicians, or politicians, can stand behind the food stands.


It is not traditional to give Thanksgiving gifts. Still, as a complement to the guests, you can create a small cornucopia with sweets and homemade cookies specially prepared for a holiday. Even though it’s not traditional to give presents, you can find some pleasant things like the Bubi bottle. The bottle is a bundle of new-fashioned conventional surprises. It comes rolled up; when opened, it expands to the full bottle size. You will love giving them, and they will love getting them. Imagine what you will get for Christmas.

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