How to Start Playing Tennis. Top Ten Suggestions from Pros

Today, tennis has become much more affordable and available sports activity. It still costs for equipment, coach and tennis court rent. But many people want to give tennis a try. So, how to start playing tennis and how to begin enjoying tennis for fitness, technic, and fun? First, you need to define your goals (casual, amateur, or professional). Many people want to use it as a workout, and comradely, others wish to achieve a higher level or even make tennis their profession. From your objectives, you can determine the cost and a time frame. Most of the beginners in tennis consider classes to be for fitness or recreation. But it’s not, tennis, like any other sport, requires both physical and technical training.

The importance of warm-up before play tennis.

We cannot emphasize the importance of warming-up before any physical activity. The quality of the warm-up depends on the preparedness of your body and its safeguard from injury. These useful practices should contain the following elements.

  • stretching, legs, and arms
  • a few push-ups
  • warm-up, pick-up lines on the tennis court or run in place
  • Pre-hydration
  • muscle memory, swing the racket

Tennis equipment for the game.

Tennis equipment does not have to be expensive, but it is imperative to fit appropriately. Shoes should be designed for tennis, and fit well, never use running shoes. The coach can recommend the best shoes, rackets, accessories – wristbands, knee pads, tank top, top jacket, tennis balls, etc.

Hydration deserves special attention. Proper hydration means drinking the right amount of water before, during, and after your training or tennis game. Water regulates body temperature and lubricates joints. It helps transport nutrients, to produce more energy, and keeps you healthy. Dehydration will ruin anybody’s day, stay healthy.

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Peter Fryer, professional tennis coach, author of  Tried and Tested Best Tennis Rackets  (The Telegraph), Best Tennis Shoes (The Independent ) and founder the Tennis Writer and Pro share his advises with our audience.

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Individual training.

Individual training allows working on each particular move, details, and each issue. This type of tennis training can give faster results, and increase your skills.

Now that you have some experience. You can start playing tennis in singles or doubles or individually with a coach. Individual training allows working on technique, strategy, and swing issues. All you have to remember, every pro has a coach because they know self-coaching can miss a glitch in the outcome.

How to start playing tennis, it is best to practice hitting a ball against a wall.

In the first training session, you are unlikely to start playing a match with anybody. Hitting the ball against the wall provides the most crucial objective, eye-hand coordination, and strengthen your legs and joints for the fast pace and sudden stops. Stretches and warms up your muscles. This practice is simple, toss the tennis ball in the air and hit it with the racket in a smooth motion from a small swing. The objective is to have the ball bounce back to you. If this does not happen, more practice is required, don’t worry, the technique will come. Your stance should be bent knees, looking flexible, and able to run in any direction. Your posture also provides power, with the dominant leg in front of the other.

The ball should hit the wall and come back to you. Try to catch it with your hand. Continue this exercise. Do it at the beginning of each subsequent workout for 15-20 minutes.

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Learn how to serve the tennis ball.

Stand behind the tennis court line on your side of the court, facing your opponent. Toss the tennis ball in the air, and with a sweeping arc movement, hit it with the top side of the racket. Put all the power of the body into the serve. Aim for the opponent’s square. Three things can happen:

  • the ball hit the square, game on!
  • the ball hits the net, reserve,
  • goes out of bounds, forfeit a point.

At first, just hitting the ball is essential. After a while, you will learn how to place a spin on the ball. The only difference is the side of the racket you hit the ball. If you need to direct the ball to the left, you spin the tennis racket precisely in this direction, putting your left foot back. If to the right, then you need to hit the opposite side of the racket. It is better to secure all required skills while training and start playing tennis with a partner.

Gradually, the students reach the level where it is possible to hold mini-matches on tennis court.

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