Opinion Leaders – Who Are They?

How much time do we spend on social media every day? Not a simple equation. However, it is even harder to answer the trustworthiness of the content online. This trustworthiness, while researching a possible purchase, is a challenge. In a Twitter survey, 51% of users, only trust  family and friends; however, the other 49% trust “opinion leaders.” But who are these “opinion leaders”? They are media people/bloggers with the potential to influence on opinions and behavior of the targeted audience.


Celebrities, politicians, business leaders – Normal To Be Fit®️ . Community leaders – Niko Liakaris – @nikonewnew.  journalists, bloggers – Jordyn Price – @jordynshamek, educators, actors,. And sports stars – Peter Fryer. However, social media is a massive part of our life, and bloggers are becoming opinion leaders for peoples. Bloggers and press personalities gain people’s trust through long-term and persistent creation of engaging, high-quality content. Over time, people start seeing a pattern of the influencers and how it syncs with their views.


Bloggers as opinion leaders also have different types of movement:

Each type of blogger focuses on the audience. A highly rated Twitter user or blogger also uses the YouTube channel. @teslalisa, . They collects thousands of views, is more likely to be an opinion leader.


It looks easy to be an opinion leader, but it takes years of hard work to build an audience. Part of this is building trust and creating a responsive following. Therefore, social indicators of success – awards, recognition, and financial success become factors.  As an example,  @ecolivingbali and @bradamoreland. establishes an Internet community. However, on some rare occasions, growth is rapid or fleeting with a special post or viral activity.


It is quite natural for a celebrity in politics, media, or actors to become a trusted influencer. We are familiar with their views, the ability to tell a story, or have a great show or movie. However, the internet has changed some of the dynamics of an influencer.

An example is a six-year-old reviewing toys and games for a major manufacturer or a mom with a new way of raising kids. Those are examples of previously unknowns who found a unique message and created a niche position other influencers took years to perfect. Current trends and well-implemented social media development can ultimately elevate an unknown person to opinion leader status – @more_to_life_outfitters.

You are working as an opinion leader you need a focus on your personal interest.  Begin by, creating a list, combining your interests, and your audience.  This list consists of hobbies and focused interests. This gets you to your optimum audience. Simple stats, 100% of the representatives have an audience interested in their opinions.


The number of overall subscribers is vital to select an opinion leader. However, those subscribers need to be active in communicating and liking and reposting. If an influencer can not achieve a 10%+ interaction on posts, photos, or comments, the audience may not be real or just not interested. Evaluating an audience is more critical if you want to interest live people, not bots. Using the specialized statistics tracking services will help to get an objective analysis. It helps to check the number of subscribers, geography, gender, activity, feeding posts, etc.

If you want to establish long-term fruitful cooperation, the blogger’s reputation must be your priority. Following the rules of collaboration: responsibility, goodwill, sociability, stress resistance – will be an excellent indicator of success. Besides, the enthusiasm and unity of the goals between the blogger and brand will help to attract a more trusting and interactive audience.

Our collaboration experience with Jessica McCarthy @heart_ofan_aerialist, and her Aerial Team started in late June 2019.

We are currently working with Jessica and developing a friendship in the process. Jessica is professional, conscientious, and honest with reviews with her followers. She’s very open and friendly, which is evident from her excellent relationship with her audience. While building her audience relationship, she continually improves her professional skills in Air-yoga, social postings, and photography. Hence, watching her evolve into an ‘opinion leader’ has been enjoyable. The advice she provides is solid, well researched, and helpful to her followers.

In the beginning, we were novices at working with influencers, and have learned a lot.

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