Silk screen printing promotional bottles

Bubi Brands uses three types of print for our customers, silkscreen, heat transfer, and hydro print. Each method provides different graphics styles. In addition, our promotional bottles never scratch, discolors, or chip off like other promotional bottles. The silkscreen printing allows Bubi Brands use an extensive color palette. Promotional water bottles are incredible giveaways and a pleasant way to kick off a new campaign, special occasions, and company achievements. A well-executed campaign will allow you to make a uniform look and statement all-encompassing brand for any association.

Logo print on bottles

Logo print on bottles is different than print on flat surfaces. Such as fabric, glass, wood, or metal. The technology includes a specific printing plate, mandrel, and heating system. It is a frame with metal, polyester, or nylon mesh. Under pressure, the paint goes through the mesh, transferred to the bottle. high-quality printing, the mesh gets stretched over the frame with maximum force. Thus the contours of the color elements or logos coincide with preventing distortions of linear dimensions. 

Silkscreen printing technology 

The mesh contains a photosensitive composition when it’s time to make a stencil form. During the polymerization process, the paint removes from non-illuminated areas. This technology allows getting a stencil for each color of the original palette. Then the stencil is applied to the bottle, covered with paint. To get a multi-color pattern, we use several runs. But each run contains only one color. The last step is final polymerization in the tunnel oven.

Types of logo print

Our company uses silkscreen printing to create branded logos and make logo print on bottles for our customers. The silkscreen printing allows us to use a large selection of color palettes. Typically silk screen printing is 1-2 colors, depending on registration styles. Heat transfer printing is slightly more costly but provides fantastic print quality of vignettes and multiple colors on one side of the bottles. Hydro printing offers a 360 degree print around the bottles. Also, silkscreen printing combines well with post-printing. After drawing the logo, we can immediately selectively varnish through the stencil. Another distinctive feature and advantage of silkscreen printing is the thickness of the layer. Usually, it is around 10-15 microns. But using special enhancement tools, it is possible to create a 3D logo. 

Why people do use promotional bottles

You can significantly increase brand recognition by providing branded products people use often.  Promotional products are not only a way to provide more information about your company. It is also a good tool for rewarding existing customers (and motivating them to buy again). Your brand or cause will be top of mind by sending uniquely branded items but sustainable, valuable, and relevant.

logo-print-on-the-bottle, logo-print-hello-kitty-logo
Some fun facts about promotional items
  • 90% of people who receive promotional products recall the brand
  • 89% recognize the promotional product for two years
  • 82 % of people have a favorable impression of a brand
  • 70 % of brands consider promotional products a practical marketing goal
  • 53 % of the time, a promotional product creates a better impression
  • a single promotional item averages 344 impressions per month

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