How Can Bubi Bottle Keep You Warm All Winter.


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Staying warm during cold winters is essential for your health. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it is important to keep your body temperature at even levels. There are many ways you can keep warm and comfortable during the colder months. At Bubi Bottle, we recommend the tips below:

Drink Some Warm Water

Who doesn’t like to drink something hot during cold winters? Everyone is guilty of consuming one too many hot chocolates during this season, which can take a toll on your overall health. The best way to limit your calorie intake and still have something warm is to drink warm water.  You can store hot water in your Bubi Bottle, which can withstand the heat of up to 500° and will keep your drink warm for a while. This is a great way to ensure you’re warm and your body temperature is healthy.

Wear Layers

You need to protect your body from cold temperatures. The best way to do it if you aren’t in an insulated environment is to wear layers. Wear thermal protection clothing underneath your regular shirts and trousers to keep your extremities warm. Thick, warm socks (but not warm enough to make your feet sweat) and a well-fitting winter hat are also important. Since we lose most of our body heat from our heads and our feet, these areas are the most vulnerable when winter camping. I often wear my socks and my winter hat to bed when it’s unusually cold; they help me stay warm and toasty during the night. You can also place your water bottle near the heat and place the warm bottle in a sleeping bag to stay warm all night. 

It is also important to wear some sort of headgear like a cap or a beanie. Wear scarves to protect your neck as much as you can. Winter is a great time to experiment with winter gear: fur coats, jackets, vests, and other such items. Just make sure you use clothing items that offer a comfortable level of insulation.

A Hot Water Pack

If your heater doesn’t offer much warmth and your bed feels cold, you can try the age of technique of placing something hot in your sheets. For example, you can fill up your Bubi Bottle with water, remove the clip, and place it inside the microwave to heat it up. Once your water bottle is sufficiently warm, you can easily tuck it into your bed and enjoy the heat radiating from it.

This bottle is microwave-safe and won’t become damaged during the heating process. You can heat the bottle as many times as you like. Just keep the temperature under 500° for the best results.

Make a Quick Soup

Are you out camping and need boiling water for your soup? All you need to do is toss this bottle into the fire and wait for the water to boil. Then you can make a hearty soup that will keep you warm during cold winter camping trips. You can place this bottle in a live fire without worrying about it being damaged. Once the water is hot enough, just push the bottle out of the fire and carefully pour the water out.

As you can see, there are several ways to keep warm during cold weather with the correct winter gear. The best way is to cuddle up in front of a fire while enjoying a hot beverage.

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