Health Magazine has featured Bubi Bottle on their list of must buys to staying in the best shape this summer. It is an honor to have our name on included with many other amazing products! Read what they said about our healthy water bottles below.

“Whether you’re toting H2O or hot tea, the silicone Bubi Bottle keeps you happy and hydrated. All done? Roll it up and stash it in your bag.”
Health Magazine

Moreover, Bubi Bottle aspires to create a variety of healthy water bottles that is convenient for everyone to use.

Restock your electrolytes.

If you’re hiking for over an hour to make up for those you sweat out. Commercially available sports drinks like Powerade usually contain too much sugar. You are better off using a purpose-made powder like Ener-C, or you can make your own by a dash of adding table salt and a splash of fruit juice to your bottle. Alternatively, the health magazine recommended, that you can store salty snacks in your Bubi bottle to boost your electrolyte levels throughout your like.

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Refill your collapsible Bubi water bottle whenever you can.

Make sure you always purify found water sources using a filter or chemical process or by boiling before drinking to avoid getting sick. Your Bubi bottle can withstand temperatures of up 500 degrees, so you can use it boil water over a heat source if necessary.

Try and drink a liter. The Health Magazine recommended.

Every time you stop to refill your water bottle. You’ll hydrate and avoid carrying extra water on your hike.

Drink no matter the weather, hot or cold.

Proper hydration is just as important in the cold (being dehydrated makes you cold faster) as it is in the summer. Hate sipping icy water on winter hikes? Pack a Bubi bottle filled with hot tea coffee to keep you toasty and hydrated. It also helps if you also re-hydrate with at least 16 ounces of fluids on the way home or at camp on overnights. This is also an excellent time to replenish electrolytes by enjoying a sports supplement or a tall glass of milk to promote muscle recovery and replace sodium and potassium levels.
Now that you know how to stay hydrated, where will you take your Bubi today?

Get your health water bottle today!

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