Bubi ultimate travel water bottle is flexible like a disposable bottle, but it’ll never lose its shape. No more crumbled bottles hanging on my backpack. Instead, I have a sleek, lightweight solution. Also, the Bubi travel bottle is BPA free and doesn’t leach chemicals. Now I can use the same bottle for years without worrying about plastic in my water. The ultimate travel bottle was just what I needed. It even got me thinking about how it could get me further than the previous rigid bottle I left behind in San Francisco. I found that my Bubi Travel Bottle allowed me two more powerful ways to make my life easier.

My Trip Plan

After enjoying the beautiful city of San Francisco for a year and a half, I decided to continue exploring. I planned a two week trip to Medellín, Colombia. After that, I would fly straight to my new home, Miami. I knew for this trip that I just wanted to bring a backpack and a carry-on. When deciding on what to leave behind, some large items were a no-brainer such as my large boxing gloves and musical equipment. Interestingly, deciding to bring my reusable ultimate travel water bottle took some consideration.

Reusable bottle. Ultimate travel.

I decided that carrying a bulky and rigid 28 oz container wouldn’t be worth space. I figured I would just use disposable bottles for the couple weeks in Medellín, then buy a new reusable bottle when I settled in Miami after.
When I arrived in Medellín I was thirsty and I knew I would be walking a lot. I went to a nearby drugstore and bought the largest individual sized water for a couple of dollars USD. I realized I didn’t want to buy a new water bottle every day. I knew reusing them is not good for your health, but I ended up using that same bottle for two weeks. Within a day it was aesthetically a crumpled eyesore. Also, with it being exposed to the sun throughout the day, it must have leached plastic in my water.

Miami trip

Once in Miami, I was ready to ditch using a crumpled up disposable bottle. Coincidentally, I met the founder of the Bubi Bottle. I had never seen a light, flexible design like this before. Usually, I run into bottles with unnecessary bells and whistles that just ad bulk to the bottle. However, I found Bubi travel bottle had all the benefits without any wasted space.
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