The start of the New Year workout fitness brings with it a boost in determination for those looking to follow a healthier lifestyle. Many of us make fitness resolutions to lose weight, eat better, exercise regularly and become a fitter and healthier version of ourselves. But by the time January gives way to February, our workout resolution begins to fizzle and by March all that remains are embers of that fire of resolve and determination. Without workout tips breaking New Year resolutions is as much of a tradition of making them is.

So, is there nothing you can do to stick to your fitness resolution?

If you think you need an iron will and superpowers to keep you committed to your fitness resolutions, you don’t! Whether your ultimate goal is to be fit enough to run a marathon, take the stairs more often or do 20 push-ups, you can follow these workout tips to help you stick to your fitness resolutions.

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1. Make sure your resolutions are measurable and write them down

Resolutions need to be both measurable and specific. If you set vague and broad goals, you’ll just be setting yourself up for failure. When you make note of your goals, it gives you something to look at and reaffirm your objectives. It’s also a great way to figure out a plan of action.

Set specific goals like- ‘I want to lose three pounds in a month” or “I want to be able to jog for at least half an hour without stopping” etc. Once you achieve that one goal, you can then move onto the next. This is
a great way to stay on track.

2. Ensure your resolutions are manageable

Resolutions need to be achievable and not something you fantasize about. If you have never lifted weights in your life, deciding to do bench presses every single day of the week will only drag you down. You need to condition your mind and body to get into fitness mode until you get habituated to it. That will help make your goal more

3. Break Up Your Goal Into Smaller Segments

It can be pretty intimidating to think about doing 9000 pushups a year. But divide that by the number of weeks in a year and all you need to achieve is 173 pushups per week. This becomes a less daunting task. When your resolution is broken down into more achievable steps, you will be more likely to stick to it.

4. Treat Yourself

Once you’ve reached those difficult-to-achieve milestones, treat yourself. This doesn’t have to be in the form of calorific foods. Reward yourself in some other way-treat yourself to a spa visit or simply head out and so something you like. The idea is that the reward you choose shouldn’t undo all the hard work you’ve put in.

You can also buy some fitness gear or something to carry to the gym like a Bubi Bottle. These bottles can hold hot or cold drinks and water, are microwave and freezer-safe and available in a range of colors. Having the right kind of gear eggs you on to persist in your resolutions.


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