The portable water bottle you need to have!

Easy to travel

If you’ve ever carried around a big stainless-steel water bottle on a long trip, you probably know what problems it can be traveling. To secure it to or in your bag, take it around by hand, and regularly have something substantial and possibly pretty heavy when full with a weight of you down where ever you go. The large is not just problems when you’re journeying. But it also cuts down on the application of your bottle. You don’t want to go out touring carrying your large bottle. So despite the fact you lugged it from home, you might still discover yourself spending your valuable cash on bottled water or beverages. Bubi Bottle is the portable water bottle you need to have.

Roll up water bottle

Instead of all this stress, the roll up water bottle is as easy to take with you as your pockets or phone. Just slide it into your pockets, and when a hunger occurs discover a place to grow it up! Take advantage of the larger mobility potential of having a 22oz portable water bottle. You can fit in your pocket by swearing off beverages in disposable bottles and needless splurging on sweet beverages – when the enticement attacks, just increase your flexible water bottle and go for some refreshing water. You’ll reduce costs, build healthy moisture routines, and do your part for the environment by reducing waste production!

Portable water bottle


What would you prefer? Having an easy to store portable water bottle you have for your entire trip, or having some extra space in your carry-on to restore a memorabilia you might treasure for the rest of your days? It is an easy question,  we always pack to much on the way home or think before we purchase.  This bottle even fits outside your bag with the carabiner.

Get your own Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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