Outdoor water bottle: Bubi Bottle gets featured on Oxygen Magazine.

Now that it is officially spring, we can begin dusting off the bicycles, hiking boots, camping equipment and yes, even your most rugged water bottle and head out to our national parks.

Oxygen magazine just wrote an article on the subject, titled Park It! Our National Parks Services turns 100 years old this year. There are over 400 parks available to everyone and it is important to carry water. 

The magazine’s top choices are:

  1. ZION in Springdale, Utah – 147,000 acres-Must do Canyoneering
  2. GRAND CANYON in Arizona – 1,200,000 acres-Must do, Rafting
  3. SHENANDOAH in Shenandoah Valley VA  – 200,000 acres-Must do-Twilight hike
  4. THE PRESIDIO in San Francisco CA – Must do-after hiking or rock climbing, trampoline dodgeball
  5. CHICKASAW in Sulphur OK – 20 miles of trails-Must do-Kayaking along Veterans Lake
  6. BISCAYNE in Southern FL – Must do-Scuba dive the six shipwrecks

Great adventures

It is a fun article explaining the advantages and activities available to us. It is a natural gym. You can walk, hike, kayak, cycle, and enjoy the great outdoors.  The parks have lovely facilities and most importantly, adventures.  Never are they the same, as the scenery changes with the weather and time of year.  The water is high then low, trees are bare now or possibly flowering like they are in DC now, then green all summer.

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What’s in this outdoors article

In this article, they have chosen the bubi water bottle as one of their tools to take along to start your new season.  This outdoor water bottle, you can freeze before your excursion astoundingly, it will still be cold before you finish your trek and yet have ice in the bottle.  Then, this refillable sports bottle,  roll it up to head home.

It was tested

The bübi bottle, tested by so many outdoor enthusiasts under the sea, top of the mountain and deepest woods. Some are extreme, while others are more extreme, give one to a child. Our kids can destroy anything, not these.  Also, the extreme users place it over a fire to boil (purify) water or cook soup, oatmeal, or eggs.  It is also a great first aid tool in the event of a sprain or sore muscle as the bottle can be left half full and wrapped around a wrist or ankle.
We are so happy to be in this article, and the response has been great.

Get your own outdoor Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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