Spring Fitness and Great Outdoors

Spring is here, time to set goals to bolster our determination to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors or prepare for the beach. The long winter makes us a bit sedentary, yea, jumping to a conclusion, exercising our opinion don’t count. Physical exercise is what we need.

However, by the time March gives way to April, we are ready to buy new hiking boots, running shoes and oh my, outfits. We have to also think of pacing ourselves and stay hydrated.

If you think you need an iron will and superpowers to keep you committed to your fitness resolutions, you don’t! Whether your ultimate goal is to be fit enough to run a marathon, take the stairs more often or do 20 push-ups, you can follow these tips to help you stick to your fitness resolutions. One way to get out is to check this website.  national parks service 

Set Goals

For our spring fitness goals, they need to be both measurable and specific. If you set vague and broad goals, you’ll just be setting yourself up for failure. When you make a note of your goals, and accomplishments to the target, you can see your progress. It’s a great way to figure out a plan of action. Set specific goals like- ‘I want to lose three pounds in a month” or “I want to be able to jog for at least half an hour without stopping” you get the picture. Once you achieve that one goal, you can then move forward.


Realistic Goals

It can be pretty intimidating to think about doing 9000 pushups a year. However, divide that by the number of weeks in a year, and all you need to achieve is 25 pushups per day. That sounds doable, yes! When your resolution is broken down into more achievable steps, it is possible.


Treat Yourself

Once you’ve reached those difficult-to-achieve milestones, treat yourself. Reward yourself in some other way-treat yourself to a spa visit or head out and so something you like. The idea is that the reward you choose shouldn’t undo all the hard work you’ve put in.

Buying new gear or something to carry to the gym like a Bubi bottle as a great motivator. These silicone water bottles with their bright colors will hold hot or cold drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the day. These water bottles are colorful, BPA-Free and roll up to fit in your backpack or gym bag. When we own the right kind of gear motivates you on to persist in obtaining your goal.


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