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Travelling can be a positive and life-changing experience. It is a high possibility to discover the beauty and diversity of the world around us. Travelling can be a great combination of fun, adventure, and relaxation.

I am pretty sure that most of our readers are dreaming about traveling or have been already discovered a favorite vacation spot. Here is a lot of different ways and directions, someone prefers comfort and predictability, others choose adventure and wildlife, but to visit distant countries, to see the most exciting places on the planet would love each of us.

So, I want to share with you a selection of tips that I usually prefer while traveling.

1.Aid kids.

The critical step is to collect luggage and first aid kits. There is nothing complicated. The main thing is to leave the house all extra and not forget the necessary. I usually have two different aid kits – one for regular using and the other one for travel, of course.

The travel aid kits contain simple stuff like bandages and dressings, alcohol wipes, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory agent.

Also, several ointments as Neosporin and wound healing. We’ll never know what can happen, but I prefer to be prepared.

2.Clothes bags.

One of the convenient ways to pack clothes for me is to use clothes bags. I share things by types – warm one, light one, t-shirts, jeans, etc. And also, by necessary – those will be used in the last moment are placed on the bottom, rest one -on top. Thus, things are packed compactly, and you exactly know where they are. It remains only to capture documents and electronics, and you’re ready.

3. Documents

I usually Scan all essential documents before I go. In case of theft or loss, I will have copies of passport, identity card, driver license. Flight information might be saved on the smartphone or tablet. Also, having a copy of documents with you can prevent the loss or theft of the original.

mountains_travel, hiking_water_bottles

4. Water bottle. Bubi travel water bottle.

My next essential item is my water bottle. I found it a year ago by accident at an airport. Bubi water bottle is made of silicone (squishy), rolls up, and I can add hot coffee or freeze it. Packs rolled up in my bag and can use it as a pillow. So, on the plane, which is usually freezing, I always have my hot 35oz silicone water bottle to place on my neck, and I use the warm as a pillow to sleep. As you can see flying is very convenient.

And a little secret, which makes my trip comfy – a little wine or mimosa. It’s excellent when just meandering around the city, at the pool or an art museum. Bubi water bottle also keeps the wine fresh, by squeezing out the air, it says new for the next day as well. I have even gotten it into many sports events. When other bottles are being confiscated, the guard says move along.

5. Tickets

When I was booking seats while travel with a friend, usually choose one at the window and near aisle. If the sites in the middle won’t take, at your disposal will be a number, if they take- ask the passenger to change seats to sit next to your friend.

Another right place is near the wing of the aircraft; there ‘is not so much turbulence. Sites, which located at the wing of the plane, usually the least prone to shaking during due to design features.

6. Bonus points.

If you fly often, it makes sense to issue a bonus flight card. It’ll allow you to accumulate miles with every perfect flight and it’ll mainly save your budget. Also, buying tickets in advance will be cheaper than the day of departure. Also, in the sales period, a lot of airlines hold promotions, which further reduces the cost of the ticket.

  1. Insurance.

Before traveling to distant countries, a reasonable option would be to obtain insurance. When I first started my search, I found an abundance of information. Through practice and many recommendations, opted for “ERV.” Many tourists recommended it. The minimum amount of coverage is 100 000$, which is more expensive than the standard but includes a more extensive range of services. Issued in the country of residence before departure on vacation. So, a few tips I have:

1)    Assistance.

It’s a company that in case of an insured event provides a full range of medical services, as well as assistance in the countries of stay. I chose insurance based only on the contract.

2)    Franchise.

It’s the amount below which you’ll have to pay for medical care. For example, if the insurance amount of 100$ is set conditional franchise is 15$. If the amount of the loss is 10$ such loss isn’t recoverable (since the amount of the damage is less than the limited franchise). That’s mean you’ll have to pay 10$ yourself. I advise you to take insurance without a franchise, to avoid problems with insurance companies.

  1. Outdoor activity.

If you like rafting, hiking, skydiving, diving, etc., you need appropriate insurance. If you think insurance will cover everything you do – it’s the wrong opinion. Carefully read what insurance cases are covered by insurance.

  1. Alcohol.

All that happens in a state of intoxication – insurance does not cover. In an unusual case, and you’re getting into the hospital, will be recorded the presence of alcohol or other substances in the blood test.

  1. Permanent insurance.

Some insurance companies have 365-day policy options — an Year-round policy, which is suitable for all always traveling adventurers.

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