How To Be Ready For Any Situation

Travel water bottle – bubi bottle, luggages, and so much more. Be ready for any situation on your trip. With spring break here, the time for adventures, spring cleaning, and new opportunities has begun. If you are traveling this spring season make sure you are ready and equipped with the best gear in town and ready for any situation.

Here is a list of important goodies to stash into your carry on or luggage.

Bubi Bottle

Just like you, the BPA-free bubi bottle is ready to take on any adventure you throw on it. When traveling through airports, roll up your travel water bottle and stash it in your carry on then open it up to fill up at the terminals. This travel water bottle equipped with a carabiner, you can clip it onto any purse or backpack to have as easy access to hydration. The bubi bottle comes in sizes like 14oz and 22oz and is perfect for coffee, tea, water, or any other beverage choice. Be ready for new adventure with  travel water bottle.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Everyone enjoys the peaceful vibe of airplane flights, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Keep an eye mask and ear plugs on your carry on to block out any noise or light to help you to be ready to fall asleep on your flight. Some airlines may provide you with some, but better safe than sorry right?

Travel Document Holder

It more comfortable to have everything in one place, so you aren’t scrambling around your carry on or purse in a hurry during security. Get yourself a handy travel document holder for your passport, licenses, boarding passes, or any other documents to organize all that paper clutter. Feel free to get a wallet one as well to keep your credit cards in there on hand.
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Sometimes peanuts or pretzels just doesn’t help out that grumbling stomach of yours. Keep your stomach happy by grabbing your favorite bag of chips, candy, or energy bar and munch during your flight. Don’t pay the absurd amount the airline charge you for a cookie or even room service once you arrive at the hotel.

Travel Size Toiletries 

After that long flight, all you want to do is take a shower or brush your teeth. Unfortunately airports haven’t built showers yet so for now we will have to resort to travel size toothpaste, deodorant, and other products to refresh yourself once you arrive to your destination.

A Good Read. New opportunities. 

Pack your favorite novel or magazine and deep read during the flight to pass the time until you are able to catch some cell service or WiFi. Trust me, time flays faster when you are doing something you enjoy. So catch up on some chapters or subscriptions and you will reach paradise in no time.

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