Sports Water Bottle like no other

Sports Water Bottle like no other: Bubi Bottle. To keep your mind sharp, and your body is functioning correctly. Therefore,  Not exercise, not nutrition (although they are both vital too) but water, hydration will keep you healthy.  That is right because the human adult body is made up of often up to 60% water. You are depriving your body putting you on the road to dehydration. I know, side effects are increased thirst, dry mouth, lethargy, headache, dizziness, and that is just some of the symptoms.

My Credentials

My name is Jason, CEO of Jason Madaus LLC, Life Coaching and Living a Positive Life Style to Inspire Your Authentic Self ( and Facebook page Jason Madaus), and a winner of the 2016 Cleo Guy Stuff Awards in Singapore.  I train hard so I can be competitive, water is a massive part of my life to keep hydrated.  You can imagine how many bottles I have tried,  durability, BPA-Free, lightweight, easy to clean, and collapses to go anywhere.

The best Sports water bottle

Finally, the Bubi Bottle came along; I had found the sports water bottle for all my needs.  The Bubi sports water bottle is perfect for my active lifestyle that never slows down.  I can take it anywhere and everywhere.  Clip it to your bag or roll it up for my gym bag or coat pocket when empty (although I normally fill it up again). I love my bubi sports water bottle.

Mental Health

Staying hydrated helps my training lifestyle, but it also helps keep a sharp mind.  With a mind sharp, I can help others with my Life Coaching,  to improve training practices and lifestyle.  It is my passion to help people prioritize their lives in a positive direction.  The best practice is to listen to their goals and needs and provide positive feedback with the aim of an authentic self.

I work with my clients to set up personal and professional goals, with the aim of an upward trajectory in life and training.  Everything an outline, but if they need a push to move from a bad habit, I will. Of course, physical exercise, rest, mental stimulation, and stay hydrated with water and protein drinks.

sports water bottle, lifestyle, life coach, authentic self, sports water, run
sports water bottle, lifestyle, life coach, authentic self, sports water, Jason, runner


It does not matter what I am doing; I can take my sports water bottle and not worry about it breaking like so many of the other ones before had.  It is BPA free so I can stay healthy and my mind will stay sharp.  However, after a tough training session, I can use it as an ice pack or a hot pack.  I can keep my F2C protein powder dry while traveling All this to represent my team “Big Sexy Racing”

On my training journey, the uses of these bottles grow larger. In also, a must have a daily product for me.  I carry two at a time, one for water, and yes, the other for my coffee. The Bubi Bottles allow me to continue my journey in life, pushing my limits while still having fun,

Let’s chat sometime

Check out my the website and Facebook page. I would like to hear from you to talk or provide some experiences I’ve had.   Have a fantastic rest of your day being your authentic self and keeping hydrated with this sports water bottle to keep your mind (and body) as healthy.

Get your own Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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