How to organize a life with 2 kids under 2, or How to be a Super Mom of two under two

When it comes to being a Super Mom of 2 under 2 kids, sharply raises the question of How to do everything in the shortest time,  How to organize the life for the whole family, without forgetting yourself and What’s the best rules to make it happen.

 Erica Ravenscraf a Super Mom of two under two kids shares her experience and simple tips for moms.

Top 10 Rules


How to begin, you decide. I think, for mom of 2 under 2 kids, a lot depends on the innate temperament and will power of the baby. But one thing is indisputable – for a happy and full development of the child, an “alpha leader” is needed – the one who is stronger and more important than him, the one on whom responsibility for safety and final decisions is necessary. Establishing clear rules requires some effort by the caregiver. But, if the child firmly knows that “first wash my hands, then we go to the table,” or “we buy in the store only what is on our list,” discussions on these topics and their passion will be much less energy-consuming. In addition to the usual requirements of hygiene and society, time-tested such rules.

“Food is only at the dinner table.”

Even running about with food in the kitchen increases the number of crumbs and greasy stains by order of magnitude. The food in the bedroom or living room of the apartment transforms either the mother’s life into a “cleaning marathon”. We’ll have to show perseverance. By the way, meals at certain hours and the habit of eating at the table practically fix the principles of healthy eating in the child and exclude fast food.

 “Kitchen toys – in the kitchen.”

In an environment adapted to the appearance of a child, everything that a child can get is permissible. But, the search for a kitchen spatula in the children’s used as a  shoehorn makes life very difficult. Therefore, I enforced the principle of “kitchen toys – in the kitchen.” That is, you can take everything, but you cannot transfer from room to room.  While I am cooking, the tower is being built next to containers, or the utensils are laid out in a pile. Once I leave the kitchen, and the children follow,  hands should be empty.

Organization environment

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Waiting for the child to develop, you must adapt your home to its needs. Take care of safety. As a kid is a precious being. Put all expensive and dangerous gadgets in a separate room, which you will lock with a key. We also keep things in the upper closet (!) Drawers locked. But explain to the children what is permitted and what is not,  Curiosity Harmed the Cat. Special plugs will only slow down your work in the kitchen but will help develop the skills of bear hackers in children. The same rules for all other rooms, including the bathroom.

An important step

An important step is to make the environment as convenient as possible for the child’s independence. Baby towels and baby clothes should be stored so that the baby after two years begins to do without your help. There is no possibility to put a sink – switches at an accessible-height – there are inexpensive and comfortable portable benches. What a relief to a busy mom with the baby, to know that the older one after the walk can take off and put on the jacket, turn on the lights in the bathroom and wash the handles.

Let your kids have their own stuff.

When it comes to being a busy super mom of 2 under 2 conveniences & durability is always a must in products our family uses. Bubi water bottle really impressed us with the fun color options & high-quality material. Made from BPA free medical-grade silicone. You only get the best of the best materials, which is so important to me & my family. Bubi baby bottles are a scrunchable bottle which makes it very easy to fit into your diaper bag when out & about. It really merely does just roll up! The 14oz baby bottle contained a metal loop ring feature which I loved to hang on the outside of my bag for quick access to my Bubi water bottle.

Kids water bottle

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Our 2 year old tends to be a little rough on traditional sippy cups. The 14 oz size with added on the flip cap works great for her! She can quickly drink her water & if she drops the silicone water bottle no worries of braking, cracking or denting like a lot of other water bottles on the market. This size I also enjoyed using for myself when we were on a family outing. It was easy to drink out of & holds just the right amount of water for the time we were out. There is a splash guard inside the bottle, which really does work with controlling the water flow. Such a cool addition to that water bottle.

Silicone Baby bottle

The Scrunchable silicone Baby Bottle was a hit with our 8-month-old! It is that soft, lightweight Bubi Bottle medical-grade silicone material she was able to easily hold on her own. Unlike plastic or glass baby bottles that tend to be awkward for little hands to grasp. Cleaning the bottle after her feeding was a breeze! I simply reversed the bottle inside out & ran thru my dishwasher & it was ready to go.

Bubi Silicone bottles are now a part of our daily life & work great for our family with how practical they are. We can’t wait to grow a more extensive collection of other colors & sizes.

Daily Routine mom of 2 under 2

 A child who is used to getting up and going to bed at the same time does not run away from his mother, who calls him to bed. Hungry tummy, accustomed to eating on a schedule, the best friend of the mother, leading the baby from the playground. Of course, you need to warn children in advance about the upcoming change of activity, and laying rituals are essential. But I want to emphasize that it takes much less effort to move a train along knurled rails!

Super Mom for your child.

Remember – you are the best super mom for your child! And do not try to do as others or as written in the book for mom of two under two kids. Trust your intuition. And remember – the baby needs his mother to be happy, rested, pleased with herself. And not falling from fatigue after circles wrapped around the area, or irritated that you need to drag an abutting child again. In the end, if you feel that you are comfortable and convenient to walk with your child once a day or wash him once every three days, and for more, you do not have enough time and effort, you do not need to turn yourself into a weary washcloth, using all your strength “.

It’s your own chose. Create your own top rules.

If the nerves that you spend on the road for any activities with a capricious child outweigh the “benefits” from them – it is worth waiting for a little, while the baby is older and workout while at home. And you shouldn’t work out at night after they are in bed, therefore using the last of your strength before your bedtime – there are quite a few mothers on the Internet who will give lots of advice for chocolate. Do what brings you and your child pleasure and do not strive for others.

Just remember the top rule, to be a super mom for your child, your happiness should be your child’s concern, and with the proper care and rules, you both can go in public and enjoy the company around you.  The child respecting others, and the schedule will be your friend in all.

Good for the environment. 

Plastic bottle waste poses a serious threat to our environment and only a small amount is recovered after recycling. Bubi is a sustainable and reusable water bottle, thereby helping to reduce the damage to our ecosystem. So, by swapping your disposable bottle with the silicone water bottle, Bubi, you are making a greener and more cost-effective choice.

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