Europe trip with a great company and my favorite Bubi bottle.

The critical step is to collect the right size luggage and an aid kit. Nothing complicated, however, don’t leave the house and forget anything. I am pretty sure that most of our readers are dreaming about traveling or have been already discovered a favorite vacation spot.

Traveling is a high possibility to discover the beauty and diversity of the world around us. Travelling can be a great combination of fun, adventure, and relaxation.

My next essential item and you won’t believe it, but it is my water bottle. Yes, you read that right, but it is NOT just any bottle.

Travel water bottle.

I found it a year ago by accident at an airport in Singapore. While on a layover, shopping, I found it rolled-up, sitting nicely on the shelf.  Made of Silicone (squishy), rolls-up easily, also, it handles hot coffee or the freezer. It also packs rolled up, fits in my bag, or I can use it as a pillow.

Use my water bottle like a pillow on a plane.

I will slow down and walk you through how it makes travel more comfortable. At the airport, the bottle is rolled up in my carry on bag to go through security. Once checked in, I fill it with hot water at any restaurant; my second one has water from the fountain. Just saved $5!! Now I am on the plane; it is usually freezing, add hot water to place on my neck and stay warm, also I use the bottle as a warm pillow to sleep. As you can see, flying is very convenient.

Landing. Airport and another tip.

I’ve landed, and again, I can roll up the bottles and place them in my bag, and in the evening I fill one with water and put it in the freezer for the next big adventure. The ice will melt throughout the day, keeping me hydrated.

Cold compress. Accidents are not accidental.

I mentioned the first aid kit is the most important, well, a friend of mine stumbled on a curb and sprained her wrist. How do you apply an ice pack when you don’t have the right equipment, I went to a restaurant and filled the bottle half full of ice and water(add a little salt to make it colder), squeeze out the air and used it as a cold compress. Within a few days, that same bottle turned into a hot compress by adding water half full and place in the microwave.

travel-water-bottle-gear, first-aid-kit


Cleaning on a road trip.

Cleaning travel water bottles on the road is a pain, who carries a bottle brush? This bottle is simple, take apart the top(simple) and turn the bottle inside out to clean. I’m assured, no matter what is added to this bottle or if it sits in a hot car in the summer, I am convinced the water bottle is clean. Just imagine washing the inside of the bottle from the outside.

A little secret.

OK, now for a little secret, which I could not find on the website, you can add your favorite adult beverage, and nobody knows. A little wine or mimosa is excellent when just meandering around the city, at the pool or an art museum. It is also good to keep the wine fresh, by squeezing out the air, it stays fresh for the next day as well. I take wine into sporting arenas. The soft body is a nonthreat to anyone.

The best travel companion.

My luggage is used twice, and I pray the first aid kit is untouched, however, my new travel companion, the Bubi bottle is used every day.

You can say I am crazy, but check it out for yourself, I have read where they have been to the top of the mountains, and some have used them undersea. I won’t go to those extremes, but I understand the addiction. My friends all have them now.

Get your own outdoor Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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