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Have you ever carried around a stainless-steel water bottle on a long trip?  Well, You probably know what problems it can be traveling. You secure it to or in your bag or take it around by hand. If you regularly have something substantial and possibly pretty heavy will weight you down. The large bottle is not just bulky heavy and noisy. You don’t want to go out touring carrying your large bottle. Therefore, despite the fact you lugged it from home, you might still discover yourself spending your valuable cash on bottled water or beverages.

Bubi Fashion Bottle

Bubi Fashion Bottle is the flexible water bottle you need to have. Rest assured, the Bubi bottle; our flexible roll-up water bottle is as easy to carry like your pockets or phone. Well, slide it into your pockets, and when a hunger occurs discover a place to fill it up! We also suggest taking advantage of the more considerable mobility potential of having a 22oz fashion water bottle. You can fit in your pocket or take it home or refill it on the go.


How life will change by convenience

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Say you get caught on the road and need a drink, unroll your flexible Bubi water bottle and get some refreshing water. You’ll reduce costs, build healthy hydration routines, and do your part for the environment by reducing waste production! However, feel the situation is worth saving and are doing our part to keep it clean while also preserving water. We product the bottle using no water. Other bottles contaminate 3x its volume of water in the cooling process.

What would you prefer? We suggest having an easy to store portable water bottle for your entire trip. Not to mention some extra space in your carry-on to fill with hot water and use it as a pillow on the go

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