BEST WAYS To Survive Extreme Cold Weather

Winter with extreme cold weather is here and can we survive it this year. According to researchers, we will be experiencing the coldest temperatures ever recorded in US history. How to survive extremely cold weather? When we aren’t worrying about shoveling snow off our driveways or hoping for snow winter days. We’re worried about keeping ourselves and children warm. Here are some ideas and winter gear to keep warm during this winter season:

Layers on layers on layers

Pile on those base layers to lock in warmth when you hit the outdoors. Try wearing t-shirts or long sleeves under your outfit. Then add on a  thermal long sleeve, thermal sweater, padded jacket, and a big winter coat on top of that. For bottoms, you could wear long underwear, leggings, and winter pants. The more layers, the better. You could also use long sleeves that are made for locking in your body heat or have thermal interiors. Point is, just bundle up!

Drink hot fluids help to survive 

If you ever needed an excuse to drink more hot coffee, here it is. Drinking hot fluids like tea, coffee, or even soup can help keep your body temperatures warm when you’re cold. An essential winter gear you could have is a Bubi water bottle. Fill up your Bubi water bottle to take your beverage on-the-go! Drink hot coffee or tea without the worry about spilling it all over yourself. Bubi Bottles are equipped with a splash guard to prevent liquids coming at you too fast.

Got cold feet?

Did you know that cold hits your hands and feet first? During your winter walks, make sure you’re equipped with a good pair of winter gear which helps you to survive: gloves and socks! Warm socks will help keep your feet both dry and warm when treading through the snow. Gloves will also keep your hands warm (obviously) and decrease your chances of getting a cold. Besides gloves and socks, make sure you have a good pair of waterproof or insulated shoes too.

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Keep your hot compress close & your Bubi Bottle closer

Besides being a great water bottle, you can use a Bubi Bottle as a hot compress to keep warm. Fill up your bubi with hot water and place it near your stomach or by your feet when going to bed. You can also fit it in your pocket to keep your hands warm when you go outdoors!

Start your New Year’s Resolution (at least for now)

Squeezing in a quick work out can help you sweat it out when your body is getting too cold. Even when you’re sitting on the couch for too long, just get up and be active around the house to get your blood flowing and help warm you up. 

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