Cooking gear that is also a water bottle!

The best in COOKING GEAR, If you are out camping and need to use fire to cook food, you can use bubi bottle. Whether as a fire resistant and safe container to make soups and other hot dishes, or boil water.
You can also use it at home for a quick easy meal. We decided to test bübi’s ability to whip up a snack.  This was made easy once we decided on what to make, allas, a delicious steak and sweet potato omelette. Please see the video below for the detailed instructions, including safety guidelines, and a demonstration:

The omelette came out pretty yummy, and took only four minutes to cook!

Bübi bottle is a very versatile mult-iuse drinking bottle and liquids / food container. It’s BPA free and microbial free, foldable, scrunchable and reusable water bottle. It’s heat and cold resistant, microwave safe. It rolls up compact for gym, camping and traveling.
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Now why is this all important to review,  We have heard from many who have gone through a natural disaster, huricane, tornados,  power outage,  the car brokedown,  We are not saying bubi is only good in bad sitations,  but like a swiss army knife, we have many uses.  It will be interesting to see how you are able to think outside the box when using the bubi bottle.


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