Lightweight water bottle: Bubi Bottle is perfect for traveling.

One of the many happy owners of Bubi bottle, Katya Tsvetkova, embarked upon a trip in South East Asia. Her journey with Bubi started in Thailand. Just as many other savvy travelers would do, carry your own bottle.

Do your research

Katya researched the importance of taking fresh water and how we should be avoiding public tap water. Therefore, city water and ice cubes are a must to avoid, especially in Thailand. I use the hotel hot water machine to purify my daily water.

Best way to travel in Thailand

However, Katya would always purchase chilled bottled water from convenience stores around. She would pour it into her lightweight water bottle: Also, use your Bubi bottle to keep you fresh, cool and well hydrated. Also, use it as a cold or hot compress, As a rule of thumb, travelers find carrying a reusable water bottle while traveling is beneficial!

The Bubi bottle is an extremely versatile, lightweight, reusable drinking bottle. The bottle is great for drinks (hot or cold) and foods. It rolls up easily for storing in a purse or a bag and doesn’t take much space, which is another essential feature for a traveler. Storage is always a concern, the Bubi bottle fits almost anywhere.

What does versatility do for you

In addition to the Bubi bottle being versatile, it is also a great conversation opener – as people around would see the bottle and start asking about it, and Katya would have many new exciting conversations and make friends with travelers from all over the world!

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How does Bubi help in travel?

Well, it’s also a microbial resistant drinking bottle, easy to wash and to prevent any residue and bacterial growth – how much more important could this be for traveling in counties with “bacteria friendly” climate conditions? And the choice of available colors is fantastic! Katya enjoyed her turquoise bübi bottle, resonating with the color of the Pacific ocean surrounding Southern Thailand…The bottle will always keep her travel memories fresh as well!

Get your own Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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