Baby water bottle: Bubi Bottle is the perfect baby bottle.

We’d like to share another story from one of the many happy owners of bubi water bottle – Joanie Cox-Henry. From Sun Sentinel magazine, she tells us how using  Bubi baby  bottle to feed her son made it a hassle free and joyful experience!

Baby Bottle. My Experience.

I am one of the rare mothers who bottle-fed her child from the moment he entered the world. It was a strange experience for me because anyone could feed him, not just me. However, I quickly saw the beauty and joy in being able to have those closest to me share in the sacred and gratifying experience of nourishing my son.The worst thing about bottle feeding my son has been the need to always carry a big bag to hold the bottles. That was until I discovered Bubi baby bottles. These clever, collapsible bottles are microwaveable, warm liquid and freeze-safe, BPA-free. They are also dishwasher-safe and made out of medical-grade silicone that can be turned inside out for cleaning. The baby water bottles come in clear as well as blue, yellow, pink and green.

How else I used Bubi water bottle

They are also perfect to toss in a bag for vacation, especially a day at Disney World. When you need extra bottles but don’t want to carry a ton of baggage.
There is even an attachment to replace the nipple with a sport cap. So it can convert into a sippy cup as your child grows. I love the idea of investing in an item that’s designed for longer-term use.

Fill the Bubi bottle with water or your child’s favorite beverage, freeze it, and place it in the lunch bag. Besides, the Bubi bottle will keep the food cold and provide hydration.

Accordingly, your child can drink the water as the ice melts, staying hydrated. In addition, roll it up, toss it in your bag. It also works just like an ice pack and at 4.5 oz, is much lighter and stows easier. You must admit, this makes the Bubi bottle the trip home more convenient.

Moreover, take the Bubi bottle to any of your child’s sporting event. The Bubi bottle can save you money on beverages. Just add the containers to the freezer or add ice cubes.

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