The iPhone container that is also a water bottle!

We have fantastic news for the Bubi bottle. Not only is the size of the New iPhone made for single-handed use, but it’s also the proper size for the Bubi. Back when we invented the Bubi water bottle, we discovered the ability to insert the phone into the bottle — like for protection from the rain, swimming at the beach or any adventures where dampness could harm.

iPhone 6 and 5 case.

The moment when Apple announced the iPhone 6, the size was changing. We lost the ability to claim our silicone water bottle was a perfect iPhone container.  I waited patiently until they delivered new iPhone to the stores to test it for real.  As suspected, we could get it partially in the bottle, but the volume and shutoff buttons proved too much for our collapsible water bottle.
How often does a company like Apple reverse a design decision that fits with your business plan or product? The iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6/6s were great phones. But now the iPhone SE has all the features of the six at the smaller size, and of course it fits into the Bubi bottle.

Why is the ability to place your iPhone in the Bubi necessary?

Many reasons, if you love the water as I do, you may often find yourself in some sorry situations, where getting your phone wet is a possibility. Climbing aboard a dingy in 2-3 foot waves is harrowing, one where you and your phone can go overboard.  By placing the phone in the Bubi water bottle, it protects from the water, and if it does fall in, it floats.   What if you wanted to cross a river or do some yard work by the pool? Maybe you need to fix the sprinkler system, but you need to keep your phone nearby.  Keeping your phone in a baggie might prove to effective in some instances, but with the Bubi bottle as an iPhone container, your phone is completely safe and easy to find.

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iPhone and Bubi water bottle combination.

Bubi bottle is the worlds first multi-use containers. They are designed to change the market and your thoughts on water bottles. Conventional bottles are cumbersome taking up the same space full or empty, and they clang around.  The collapsible Bubi bottle is a reusable BPA-free and microbial-free water bottle. They are light, foldable, and resistant to heat and cold. They provide multiple uses for camping, outdoors, traveling, gym, and sports. These unique bottles not only hold water, coffee, or adult beverages but also are microwave, oven, and freezer safe. They are also great for storing and warming up liquid meals. Check out the baby bottles feeding babies!
Check this iPhone and Bubi bottle combination.  It is the most significant two inventions working together.

Get your own outdoor Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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