QVC water bottle: Bubi Bottle gets featured on Bubi Bottle.

Last month we had the excellent experience of being on QVC.  However, we had a trade show – water bottle – in Nuremberg, Germany from March 4 to the 7th, and one week before leaving for Germany; they assigned the date of March 8th at 8 AM.  Decisions. Decisions.  Well, Susan Butterworth, a regular on the show and the host, would have to handle the 7-minute presentation.

The long story. QVC water bottle.

We have tried for three years to get selected. The bubi water bottle is a perfect item as a QVC water bottle because of all its uses, however, were unable to convince the QVC merchants. Even though we have such a time slot filler of action and uses like BPA free; microwavable; dishwasher and microwave safe also use as a hot or cold compress. If that wasn’t enough, they reverse to clean the inside from the outside. And there is more; they roll up to stow in a purse or backpack. One more thing, use them as a dry storage bag for your iPhone, keys, ID and baked goods, like cereal, flour, and coffee.

We got noticed

Finally, they contacted us and ordered the motherload of bottles. They would begin the airing in March, and it was February already.  They ordered three colors and sold each container as a set, bottle, and sports cap. The bottles must be delivered a week before airing.


For the airing,  we prepared this video (click here), that shows most of the uses.  I did not know how they would use it, but it ran several times throughout the show.  They also used it on their website to demonstrate the bottles.  QVC offered the Grape, Blue and Smoke Bubi bottles, with sports caps.  It is a great value, as they like to provide their audience.

The show begins

Now you would think being present would be a must. I was in Germany at a tradeshow when they notified me the airing date moved up. I could not make it home in time, because of the 8-hour flight and 6 hour time difference. Therefore I became an armchair quarterback watching, Susan Butterworth and the host demonstrate the bottles.  They did an outstanding job. It was amazing watching the sold clock: counting off-100 sold – 400 sold – 2000 sold and way beyond, it got even more exciting.

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Would do it all over again.

If you ever get an opportunity to be on QVC, DO IT. You will have so much fun with friends, social media, and just telling everyone you were in the air.  The next time we are on, I would like to attend the airing, and possibly be on the air.  You can order online.

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