Do you have your travel water bottle ready?

According to the calendar, summer begins on Monday Memorial Day, but not according to the celestial calendar. Our activity level will pick up, and travel begins strong this time of year. The long lines at the airport, the travel water bottle: Bubi bottle will handle the frustration and your hydration needs with many advantages. We just got featured by oxygen, Jade and Yoga Magazines, all for travel sports and leisure. Each of these magazines did their testing and highly recommend the Bubi bottle. Personally, when I fly, I take both size travel water bottle.

What is the best size?

Each size has a use and purpose; I use the 14 oz for coffee, the 22 oz filled with hot water used as a warm compress pillow and the 35 oz for cold water. They are fantastic to stay hydrated and comfortable with long flights. I also take about ten new bubi water bottles with me; almost every flight attendant buys at least one for their travels. Bubi bottles are amazed at the convenience of rolling It up, but even more important to add hot water to stay warm when the air is too cold. They can also use them for the aches and pains of being a flight attendant. Check out our Bubi Gear today.


Get your own Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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