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Miss Florida USA 2017

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Miss Florida USA 2017

Pageant water bottle, camping water bottle, Bubi Bottle does It all!

Last week and weekend was the Miss Florida USA 2017 pageant at the historic Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale. We had the honor of providing each contestant with a Bubi reusable water bottle. The contestants were full of spirit and enthusiasm as they worked hard to prepare for the competition and crowning moment. They make it look easy on television. But the ladies began Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the early morning with rehearsal, then lunch, and more rehearsal in the afternoon. Each of those days would end with a pageant in the evening in front of a live audience. Thursday night was the swimwear competition, Friday was for stunning dresses. Finally, Saturday night was for the final competition and crowning moment.

misflorida lunch tabelWhat is important to note is that most all events, including television and movie shoots, use bottled water.

Which creates a large amount of bulky waste and there after filling of the landfills. We were able to provide each contestant and member of the production staff with a 14 ounce Bubi bottle. These were the perfect size to hold enough water for the morning activities. They also refilled them after at nearby water fountains. By refilling bottles from a water fountain, the Miss Florida organization was able to save time, money and the environment.
The contestants were presented their gifted Bubi bottles on Thursday morning. They immediately started playing with them and were amazed at how compact they were. I was then given the opportunity to give a brief demonstration of how the bottles work and all the uses. Including hot or cold compress, freezing it, using it for hot liquids (i.e.: coffee, tea). Also, how easy it would be to carry to and from the theater.
The pageant itself was amazing! Everyone was so gracious, pleasant and absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed being apart of the the long days, the pageantry, and the behind the scenes activites. More importantly, it was an honor to be a part of the event. I look forward to gifting Bubi bottles as a pageant water bottle again to the contestants vying for Miss Florida 2018 next year.

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