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Silicone travel water bottle or gift cards? We know you’re running behind on your Christmas Shopping. Here is our recommendations and gift guide to help you out.

Here’s a guide to help you out on any type of friend on your shopping list!

For the coffee lover:

Keurig: Because who doesn’t love making their own coffee at home.
Coffee Mug Warmer: Gift the gift of warm coffee! It’s cold outside, and your mug will be too.
Bubi water bottle 14oz: Those coffee lovers need an extra shot in the morning, so make sure to purchase the 22oz!

For the adventure seeker:

Groupons: Adrenaline junkie on your list? Help them cross off skydiving on their bucket list!
GoPro: No one will believe them unless they have picture proof, am I right?
Bubi Bottle 22oz: Clip it on to their backpack for those hiking or kayaking adventures. Roll it up, and they’re ready to go.

For the constant traveler:

World Scratch Map: Let them scratch and go as they travel the world and let others rage in jealousy.
Portable Neck Pillow: Make your travel economy a little more comfortable with a neck pillow.
Bubi Bottle 35oz: Who wants to pay $5 for a water bottle? Just roll up your bubi water bottle and fill it up at the terminal before boarding.

For the fitness junkie:

FitBit: Help them keep track of their goals and New Years resolutions! (for a month)
Yoga Mats: Gift the idea of zen and meditation for those hectic lives.
Bubi Bottle 14oz: For those quick sips during their workouts without the hassle of carrying around a steel or plastic bottle.


Bubi silicone water bottle in every color and size! Enjoy the holidays with a fantastic travel water bottle for hot cocoa, hot compress, or any beverage in many stylish colors. Save on plastic because Bubi water bottle is BPA safe water bottles, so no more plastic water bottles laying around.

Happy Shopping everyone and may the deals be ever in your favor.

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