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If you enjoy outdoor activities like a hiker, backpacker, camper, prepper, or military, start planning, we have the bottle for you. The new outdoor water bottle is made from food-grade silicone, has unique features—BPA-free, puncture-resistant, heat resistant, freezer safe, and easy to clean. The Bubi bottles are freezable to take on a travel trip, hikes, camps, and many more outdoor activities. It works as an ice-pack for keeping your food and beverages cold and saves the space by rolling up when returning from your adventure.

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Outdoor water bottle

The bottles have many uses and can replace many other items you bring on your trip. Now to be amazed, the Bubi bottle can be placed over a fire to cook or heat water. Imagine not carrying all that cooking gear. It is still a bit chilly outside, so heat a bottle over a flame; you can place the bottle in your sleeping bag to stay warm at night or use it as a pillow. Use your imagination, in all your outdoor activities, add this to your backpack or bug out bag. Also, imagine how much gear you can leave home. The best feature is they are puncture-resistant, silent, heat resistant. Moreover, it rolls up to stow.

From PRep for Shift.

Survivalists, hunters, hikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for multi-use gear. It is inconvenient to carry a single-use item, various tasks because of weight and packing capacity. Replacing many items with one multi-use product makes packing much more comfortable and fun for your outdoor activities. 

The Bubi bottle fits the goal. It is not only an outdoor water bottle, but also a waterproof storage container for matches, electronic gear, medical supplies, and food. All parts of this outdoor water bottle can be quickly removed and washed in a dishwasher or turn inside out to wash. You can rest assured with the convenience and range of temperature range of -100F and +500F. 

Test it, the military, survivalists, and kids have tested it. We think kids are the most exceptional testers, and even they can not destroy the bottles.

Get your own outdoor water bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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