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If you enjoy outdoor activities like a hiker, backpacker, camper, prepper or military, we have the outdoor water bottle for you. Choose your size and color from a great range of sizes. The colors are made to be bold or muted to coordinate your activities. The Bubi bottles – outdoor water bottle are freezable to take on hikes. As the day progresses, will melt, providing you a cold beverage throughout the day. It has also used as an ice-pack for keeping your food cold. It saves you carrying that silly ice-pack.

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Convenient water bottle

How does that make you feel, lighter? Now to be amazed, the Bubi bottle can be placed over a fire to heat the water or soup. Imagine not carrying all that other cook gear for your food. Now with the hot water produced from the fire, you can place the bottle in your sleeping bag to stay warm at night or used as a pillow.

Just imagine, in all your outdoor activities, add this to your backpack or bug out bag. Also, imagine how much gear you can leave home. The best feature is they are puncture resistant, silent, heat resistant, in addition, it rolls up to stow.

From PRep for Shift.

Survivalist, hunters, hikers and all outdoor enthusiasts immediately look for multiple uses for their gear. You cannot carry numerous items for various tasks because of weight and storage capacity so you need to take one piece that can perform a multitude of functions.

The Bubi bottle fits the bill. It is a water bottle, a waterproof storage container for matches, electronic gear, medical supplies, and even food. You can be heated in the microwave or over a fire. Take off the carabiner.

Get your own outdoor Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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