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Going to a sporting event or school, we have your family covered with the most trustworthy collapsible water bottles on the market. Our silicone Bubi water bottles are convenient with or without the specially designed flip cap. The flip caps makes it hands-free and leak resistant. With the flip cap, the Bubi collapsible water bottle is a simple way to transition your children.

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School and sporting events

As your child develops, the Bubi bottle is the go-to bottle, from preschool through high school sporting events. Just fill the Bubi bottle with water or your child’s favorite beverage, freeze it, and place it in the lunch bag. Besides, the Bubi bottle will keep the food cold and provide hydration.

Child hydration

Accordingly, your child can drink the water as the ice melts, staying hydrated. In addition, roll it up, toss it in your bag. It also works just like an ice pack and at 4.5 oz, is much lighter and stows easier. You must admit, this makes the Bubi bottle the trip home more convenient.

Moreover, take the Bubi bottle to any of your child’s sporting event. The Bubi bottle can save you money on beverages. Just add the containers to the freezer or add ice cubes.

Special grade medical silicone

Simply asserted, the soft silicone material is safe even if it gets tossed beside we have multiple colors to choose. Your children can have their bottles that match their favorite team’s color. Also, our Bubi bottle converts to a hot or cold compress for injuries or sore muscles.  All this whilst keeping your children hydrated.

Simple to clean water bottle

For the most concerning moms, the collapsible Bubi bottle is simple to clean. Simply place it in the dishwasher. Not enough, how about turning it inside out and use soap and water to clean it. No need for a bottle brush. With just a gentle soapy sponge, you will know that your Bubi bottle is fresh.

Your child will stay healthy and maybe you will find a way to get them to eat broccoli; the silicone water bottle is healthy and convenient.

Get your own outdoor Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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