Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

What would you prefer as a parent? Of course, the best for kids and the whole family. It’s hard sometimes to find healthy lunch ideas for kids. Creating a quality, healthy school lunch is like a simple arithmetic equation. Here is the formula for healthy school lunch: main dish, vegetable, fruit, water/juice. If your kid ever carried a water bottle to school in a lunch box or on a long trip to school, you fully know the issues that can ensue. Placing it in their bag, it gets forgotten, or it falls out, never seen again. Besides, some places will not allow solid-sided bottles.

Food should be visually attractive to the child.

The guarantee that kids will eat the food you prepared is a visual attraction to the child. It should be brightly decorated, beautifully laid out snack. It’s also important to remember that kids might want to share their lunch with friends, for example, a piece of apple or a half of a sandwich. Lunch boxes for kids are a modern, aesthetic, practical option for responsible parents. A properly selected container solves many problems with school lunches. Choosing a lunch box is a heavy responsibility, taking into account the characteristics and needs of the child and the realities of school, and after school activities.

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The healthy main dish for kids

The primary goal, when it comes to the healthy main dish for kids is to provide protein and carbohydrates (preferably wholegrain or at least partially whole grain). Some of the favorite options outside of sandwiches are quesadillas, cracker & cheese platters. Parents also use high protein muffins, cheese wedges or string cheese and don’t forget the granola with yogurt (served in separate containers or compartments in a bento box to be blended at school), overnight oats, made-ahead baked burritos or calzones, and leftovers. Recipes for many of these healthy lunch ideas for kids. Using a silicone water bottle, which can be frozen to keep the food fresh, is a beautiful idea. Bubi Bottle is the only BPA-free, microwavable, freezable water bottle. The bonus for moms is it can be turned inside out to wash. Use the code BTS2019 to get 25% off

Kids water bottle

The kids want convenience and security. They also like fun gadgets to start conversations. Hard-sided water bottles are heavy when filled and will weigh them down. The containers are bulky, clangy, and take up a lot of room when returning home. So despite the fact, it may have been cute, cheap: but if it isn’t fun, safe and convenient, they may still purchase bottled water.

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The latest recommendation of the Health Association for 2019 for kids is seven servings of fruits or vegetables a day. It helps a kid’s body to learn a balanced diet and eat the right healthy food. If your kid prefers vegetables over fruit or vice versa, you can always do two of one kind. But having two options in the lunchbox is even better. I recommend brainstorming different vegetable options with your kids to ensure you’re putting something that they enjoy into the lunchbox.

Our healthy lunch ideas for kids include the most necessary and useful common vegetables as a baby carrot, celery, cucumber, bell peppers, snap peas, sugar peas, edamame, steamed or raw broccoli, and leftover roasted vegetables. Another thing is a dip such as hummus, ranch, or a quick yogurt dip.

The fruits containing the highest vitamins are apples, clementines, berries, bananas, cut up melon or watermelon, cut up pineapple, kiwi slices or halves with a spoon to scoop, sliced peaches or nectarines, apple sauce, and smoothies. The Bubi bottle is an excellent container for these and other foods, even soup. The bottle has an insulation value to freeze the items before packing.


Kids are the most excited about extras and like to get the most involved. For us, this is usually some filler food, such as a small cookie, crackers, or chips. It could also be a granola bar, trail mix, or mini muffins.


It is so important for kids to stay hydrated all day long. The proper hydration level helps with focus and energy—keys to quality learning. Now imagine it is a cold wintry day, how do you keep the kids warm leaving the house or the lunches cold and free of bacteria when they eat lunch or snacks. Bubi Bottle is the portable water bottle for your entire family. Yes, even for you and your spouse. As amazing for you as the kids, why be left out of the fun.

Portable kids water bottle

Instead of all the issues with hard-sided water bottles, the Bubi bottles roll up and easily fits a lunch box frozen. Here are the vitals about Bubi Bottles: They are made from medical-grade BPA free silicone and come in a variety of colors and collapsible 14oz, 22oz, and 35oz sizes. And do not forget our baby bottle and pet bowl models; allowing the whole family to stay hydrated, healthy, and eco-friendly! The cap is leak-proof, amazing can your bottle do this? The specially designed cap comes apart for easy cleaning and storing a cell phone.

The bottles are resistant across a spectrum of temperatures, from the freezer to the microwave. Also, they are crack, shatter, quiet, and puncture-resistant! Why is this Important? Ask a teacher about class disruptions because of plastic or metal water bottles.

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Collapsible bottles are also convenient for the entire family!

The Bubi Bottle is not only for kids but for the whole family. Now imagine you are traveling and gathering souvenirs, we all do it. The bottle rolls up and weighs ounces and will fit anywhere in your luggage, or clips to your backpack or purse.

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