We all love our pets. However, how can we keep them and ourselves hydrated in a sanitary manner? The Bubi pet bowl is the perfect, lightweight, convenient, and compact solution. With our Bubi pet bowl, there is no need for two bottles.

Why carry a water bottle for you and your dog?

You ask, why carry two bottles of water? One bottle for you and the other for your pet. Only one is required now! Our Bubi pet bowl, designed for you to share your bottle and not contaminate the water from your pet. Even though say pets do not have germs, but we usually don’t share the same water container with our pets. The Bubi dog bowl slips over the cap and telescopes out. Then you can twist off the lid and pour in the water. When your pet is done drinking, dispose of the remaining water, take off the pet bowl, and place the cap back on the bottle.

Bubi dog bowl

My only wish is for you to see the reaction of everyone who sees the Bubi bottle and dog bowl, they always have a look of surprise on their faces, once they realize it is a pet bowl they are amazed. This review by Nutty Hiker tells a great story. When we demonstrate the bottles at tradeshows, people cannot wait to buy for the family.

The dog bowls are perfect for the country and city life.  Take them to the restaurant or in the tractor cab, so convenient for you both.

What do we think of our pets?

You speak dog better than you think you do. You may not be fluent; that would require actually being a dog. But if you went to live in a dogs-only world, you’d be pretty good at understanding what they’re saying. You can tell a nervous yip from a menacing growl, a bark that says Hello from a bark that says get lost. You can read the body language that says happy, that says sad, that says tired, that says scared, that says Please, please, please play with me right now!

Think that’s not a big deal?

Then answer this: What does a happy bird look like? A sad lion? You don’t know, but dog talk you get. And as with your first human language, you didn’t even have to try to learn it. You grew up in a world in which dogs are everywhere and simply came to understand them. We know with the Bubi dog bowl they smile.

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Get your own outdoor Bubi bottle today & start your Go Green life!

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